While you may still be under the spell of the Festival of Lights, it’s time to shed those extra calories you would have definitely put on thanks to deluge of sweets. You may have stopped your manic sampling of sweets, but this ready reckoner will show you exactly how many calories you need to lose to undo the ‘sweetness’ of Diwali.

How many calories did you pile on this Diwali? (Infographic: HealthifyMe)
How many calories did you pile on this Diwali? (Infographic: HealthifyMe)

Thankfully, with FirstRun’s unique real-time calorie-loss counter, keeping a track of the number of calories you want to burn is super simple. See just how effective your FirstRun session has been; keep an eye on the counter, and keep an eye on your waistline.

This infographic was originally published at HealthifyMe.

HealthifyMe is a premium weight Loss coach that has helped over 1.8 lakh customers adopt a healthy lifestyle. With certified nutritionists, trainers and yoga instructors on board, HealthifyMe equips its customers with the required support and motivation required to eat Healthy and stay fit. Available on both Android and iOS, HealthifyMe has a wide social presence with their Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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