We all know that running requires very little to get started, but a lot out of you to keep going. It’s the perseverance and the determination to continue that’s the downfall of many budding runners. However, if you stick to it, the rewards can be amazing, and your body will thank you for it. After all, runners are some of the fittest people in the world.

So have you ever wondered to what extent a runner’s body gets chiselled and hammered after a long run, like a half marathon or a marathon? Shape Magazine has the answer in the form of an infographic that points out what running a marathon can do to your body. Now while that statement makes it sound gruesome, it’s the opposite that’s true.

Infographic: Shape Magazine
Infographic by Shape Magazine

As the article says,

First off, you burn ten times more energy while running a marathon than you would doing your normal activities. The average female runner will torch about 2300 calories over the course of those 26 miles. And while you’d think your legs would bear the brunt of it, you’ll feel the effects of your run from head to toe and then some.

So yes, running a marathon is immensely tough, but come through it and you will find it to be a highly enriching experience.

Main Image: Elvert Barnes

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