Sometimes all it takes to get running is a few inspirational words from runners, or from your favourite author. So we’ve decided to make a short list for your weekend running. We’ve got a pair of books – one inspirational story and a personal account – that will hopefully get you charged up for running.

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running – Haruki Murakami



Part training guide and part memoir, Murakami gets closer to reality in this book than anything else you may have read by the famed Japanese author. Murakami started running in 1982 and since then has competed in several marathons and ultramarathons. The book builds up to the 2005 New York Marathon for which Murakami is preparing, and in typical Murakami style provides a highly-stylistic take on everyday acts.

Born To Run — Christopher McDougall


We used McDougall’s quote to begin our piece on barefoot running and we have no doubt that the stories in this book actually inspired many runners. It’s full of incredible characters, stories of peak human condition, unbelievable achievements, and the history of this pure and simple activity. Born to Run takes you a world-wide tour of running, from stories of Mexican tribes to the science behind running. It’s a must-read for all runners.

We hope you enjoy these two books as much as your run!


Main Image: Ernst Moeksis

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