It’s the 2016 International Day of Yoga, and yoga lovers from all over the world are celebrating this ancient system of physical and mental well-being. Led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indians from all corners of the country are coming together to celebrate this occasion.

From the UN building splashing a yoga pose ahead of #IDY2016, to Indian diplomatic missions around the world doing their best to spread the practice of Yoga.

Speaking to over 30,000 people in Chandigarh, Modi said that Yoga cannot be considered a religious activity and should be looked at as a system for overall health and fitness. He pledged to tackle the growing menace of diabetes through yoga and also announced two annual prizes for those who help grow its influence over the world.

Yoga’s various asanas all involve your entire body and inculcate a sense of balance and unity in your body. From postures meant to increase stability, to those meant to enhance breathing, there’s a wide range of asanas available for anyone to choose from.

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