International Day Of Yoga celebrations have begun across the world on June 21, the designated day to celebrate this ancient fitness and health discipline. People turned out in large numbers across India to practice yoga, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who participated in a mass yoga demonstration in Chandigarh. Over 30, 000 people, including 100 differently-abled children, participated in the event in Chandigarh.

But even individuals are celebrating IDY2016 and one look at our Instagram feed and it was clear that the International Day of Yoga is a huge hit among the new generation. Here are some of the best new images from Instagram celebrating the International Day of Yoga!

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#Yogaday  #IDY2016: PM @narendramodi doing #Yoga at the venue in #Chandigarh Pic courtesy: Gurudutt Mehera, DPR, MOD

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Yoga is an ancient holistic wellness system that is known to boost mental and physical health. Over decades, yoga has gained worldwide popularity and is perfect for a short session or extended exercise.

The immune system benefits tremendously from the practice of yoga. There are several poses that help digestion and build immunity in your body. Yoga poses massage organs and strengthen muscles, and improve your body’s stability.

“My name is Nzingah and I make yoga accessible by teaching free yoga classes on the beach for adults, children, and families. I also teach yoga to children with emotional behavior disorders, in addition to a drug rehab. By sharing the gift of yoga I am hoping to assist people find balance mind, body, and spirit so they can live their highest truth. I live in South Florida, and this is #whatayogilookslike.” #Repost @sankofaschild ・・・Two more days to join the International Day of Yoga Accessible Yoga Challenge with Accessible Yoga, YBIC and Yoga International! Enter: 1. Follow all three hosts: @accessibleyoga, @ybicoalition, & @yoga_international. 2. Share your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #IDY2016accessibleyoga or #IDYaccessibleyoga by JUNE 21. Additional hashtag suggestions (but not necessary to qualify): #accessibleyoga #whatyogalookslike #IDY2016 #IDY2016whatayogilookslike #WhatAYogiLooksLike 3. Tag three friends. Prizes: We’ll choose five winners at random. Each winner will receive: a #whatayogilookslike tee, a copy of Yoga and Body Image, a USB pre-loaded with Yoga International’s Spring Digital Conference (20 hours of content!), and a 30-day membership to Yoga International. One grand-prize winner will receive a ticket to attend the Accessible Yoga Conference in Santa Barbara (travel and lodging not included)—a $395 value. Hosts: @accessibleyoga, @ybicoalition, & @yoga_international. #IDY2016accessibleyoga or #IDYaccessibleyoga #accessibleyoga #whatyogalookslike #IDY2016 #IDY2016whatayogilookslike #WhatAYogiLooksLike @davidpierrelouis @selahafrica @sunraharvest #beachyoga

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Starting the day with some yoga poses and meditative exercises keeps you high on energy and helps you make the best decisions without getting burdened by stress. 

Let yourself be silently drawn to the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. -Rumi I remember the first time I saw someone doing a #hollowback…I was in shock. The stellar yogi and friend practicing was none other than @phillipaskew and his beautifully strong, yet equally open shoulders making a shape I instantly fell in love with. It’s always nice to revisit asanas that go on the back burner from time to time. Here’s to hollowbacks ❤️ If you like Hollowback and many other heart openers, head on over to my @diceyoga page and click the link in my bio! #PracticeOn and #InspireOn my fellow yogis! Shorts @aloyoga #BryceYoga #InspirationGeneration #Yoga #ForearmBalance #PinchaMayurasana

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Yoga asanas stretch the body muscles extremely well and make them stronger. This in turn helps improve your body’s posture.

These handicapped friends are the pride of the #IDY2016 celebrations. Such an inspiration #YogaDay #namaste #InternationalYogaDay #yoga

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