For the past year, we have seen the power of running. With over 200,000 runners embracing our philosophy by downloading the Android app.

As we enter a new year (for us) soon, we decided to give our brand and product some energy and momentum through a change in design – iconographic, typographic and logo. And here are the results of months of tinkering and redesigning. Presenting the new look FirstRun mobiefit RUN. Firstly here’s the company logo, the primary symbol of all our fitness products.


Then here’s the logo for the all-new mobiefit RUN app, which you will see on most of our mobiefit RUN-related announcements.


Going forward we are retiring the name FirstRun in favour of aligning our brand with the company behind it and thereby hoping to create a bigger connect between the two in the minds of our users and our partners.

In addition to the newly launched features such as our well-received Free Run mode, we have a lot more changes coming up soon including customised Challenges with the mobiefit RUN app, a new running icon in Milind Soman, and new programs such as the 21K or half marathon training, as well as advanced training for all our current programs. And all this will soon be available in a new-look mobiefit RUN app. Exciting times are ahead. Stick with us. Run with us.

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