We told you it’s coming and now it’s finally here. MobieFit launched FirstRun v2.0 at a grand event at So Fit, Sofitel Mumbai BKC earlier this week. The app was launched by Gourav Jaswal and Gul Panag, the co-founders of MobieFit. Gul is the in-app personal running coach for FirstRun, and will also hold the title of CFO, or Chief Fitness Officer at MobieFit, the mFitness venture born at Prototyze, an incubator founded by Jaswal.


FirstRun v2.0 launched in Mumbai, by Gourav Jaswal and Gul Panag, co-founders of MobieFit
FirstRun v2.0 launched in Mumbai, by Gourav Jaswal and Gul Panag, co-founders of MobieFit

The all-new FirstRun app for Android can be downloaded from the Play Store now, or if you are already a FirstRunner, just hit the update button when you see it. So what’s new in FirstRun 2.0? Well here’s a short video to get you up to speed.

As you can see a whole lot has changed in FirstRun from its humble beginnings. We now have a program for slightly more experienced runners. They can opt for the longer 12-Week 10km running program, which trains you to reach a target time of running 65 minutes without a walking break. That’s the equivalent of a 10K run.

Also new is the in-app music player, which lets you select not only the music on your smartphone, but any folder with a compatible audio file. So listen to audio books and downloaded podcasts while running. And you don’t have to leave the app or exit your run to change your music folder. It’s all possible to change music from inside a session.

We know you love the treadmill mode, so a toggle is right within reach when you are running. With the new FirstRun you will also see a better log of your running performance from how much you have run over the weeks to your average speed and time taken to reach milestones.

Finally, we spruced up the Running Basics section to show you videos of how to run the best way, the stretches after your runs, and drills to improve your running form and technique.

All in all, it’s a massive update. So what are you waiting for? Lace up and set off on your first run.

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