With the recent boom social fitness, many people signed up for the gym and studio boutique classes. For some people, that’s a much needed boost! This serves as an ideal platform for them to connect with the community and make new friends through the medium of fitness. But there are many, that have nightmares about socializing, let alone working out with a bunch of strangers! Welcome to the realm of the introverts.

Crowded spaces, loud shouting, the sweat and stench of unfamiliar bodies rank really high on the list of introvert problems. But mind you, being an introvert doesn’t mean being anti-social. Just that small talk with excited strangers at Gold’s gym or the new barre studio scares the living daylights out of you.

So if you find yourself empathizing with the other side then we have some ideas to get the wheels turning in your very introspective brain. Don’t let your people skills (or the lack of them) keep you from the sole purpose of getting in shape and feeling amazing! Here’s how you can experience the adrenaline rush without draining you mentally or emotionally.


Running is an independent journey and the epitome of a solo sport. Make a great running playlist, listen to a podcast, or download an interesting audiobook. Why audiobooks? Because you burn calories with your favorite at-home activity! So yes, why not?

At-home videos

Ever wondered why those 90’s aerobics videos were just a hit? That’s because they are great to workout to without ever leaving the house ( or changing out of your pyjamas). They also give you the opportunity to choose whatever style you want to try; all from the comforts of your own home! Want to jump around to the Zumba beat? Or perhaps meditate to be a Yogi? A little HIIT maybe? The world of fitness is your oyster. Now isn’t this an introvert’s dream come true?


Find serenity under the many layers of water. This solo workout is a fabulous low-impact exercise that strengthens, leans, and burns calories like crazy.

Personal training

While this might be a bit socially awkward at first, but if you pick a great trainer who gels with your personality, this form of exercising can be extremely rewarding. The key here is to find a trainer who is understanding enough to accept that you are here to simply sweat it out and don’t really want to talk.

Introvert workouts are great because they help you burn calories, without the social interaction


The best feeling in the world is riding your cycle on an open road, all by yourself. Like swimming, cycling is also high a impact workout and gives you a great cardio while you build endurance and boost your mood.

The “I-have-my-headphones-on-workout”

While many people are aware of “earphone etiquette” a.k.a “Please leave me alone!”, there are those special few who can’t seem to get enough of you. Let your headphones do the talking for you while you crush some cardio circuits or hit the weight racks.

Partner up

Like we said before, introverts are not anti-social.If you do sign up for a group class, don’t go alone. It’ll be way easier when you have a friend as the first line of defense. Also, the class will feel like a fancy private session for just the two of you’ll! Sounds amazing! Where can I sign up now?

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