With smartphones everywhere, there are more than a few issues with addiction to these portable devices. However, while most of the complaints revolve around the social issues of smartphone addiction, there’s a health angle to this problem as well.

For one, looking at a bright screen in the dark can affect our sleep patterns, and keeping a internet-connected phone next to you which vibrates or lights up with alerts also disturbs your sleep time. But new research conducted by Northwestern University in Chicago claims that the smartphone addiction problem might actually be worse for your health, than just disturbed sleep.

They exposed participants to three hours of blue-enriched light, before they went to sleep and right after waking up. The results showed that exposure altered the metabolic function by increasing their insulin resistance, and thus further increased the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Staring at your screen before bed is especially bad, according to the study, as evening exposure leads to high glucose levels, or blood sugar, which can lead to increased body fat. Add to this the fact that lack of sleep or disturbed sleep patterns also lead to metabolic anomalies that contribute to weight gain, bad mood swings and increased stress during the day.

So if not for the sake of your sleep, at least for the sake of your waistline, give up the smartphone usage in the night. Surely, the fear of becoming fat is worse than the fear of missing out.

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