How important is running apparel? There are two kinds of runners; those who like to dress up for theirs runs, and those who don’t care much about their attire at all.

We asked Gul Panag, MobieFit co-founder and the personal running coach in the new FirstRun app, which category she fit into. “I used to be one of those runners who didn’t really care what they wore for a run. I used to throw on tracks or shorts, really loose t-shirts, lace up my shoes and just go. Then, one day it hit me, that I begin my mornings with a run. It sets the pace for the day and maybe I should put in a little more effort into how I took on the day first thing in the morning,” she says.

From then on Gul decided to colour coordinate, and have a little fun with her running apparel. Shorts, racer backs, visor, and of course, her favourite pair of Nike running shoes. She likes bright colors and makes sure that she looks like a million bucks during her runs. “It is the best part of my day, and I definitely want to feel and look my best”, says Gul, making a strong case for runners who pay attention to their attire.

As for shoes, Gul is very particular about the type she sports on a run. “A pair of running shoes is the most important thing for a runner. In India, not many people are aware of pronation, a concept which is crucial in choosing a running shoe. Pronation tells you how your feet fall on the ground and which kind of shoe is more suitable to your running type,” she’s quoted as saying in an interview.

For women runners, Gul has some special advice. She believes women often underestimate the importance of a good sports bra for running. She says a good sports bra helps in preventing potential tissue damage and chafing while running.

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