Canned soup, canned pasta, canned vegetables and fruit. We have always had our suspicions that these are not the best things to be eating, and now an independent study has confirmed that they do indeed pose a great health risk.

The new study confirms the link between eating canned food and increased exposure to Bisphenol A or BPA, a chemical linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other major disorders. Conducted by a team of researchers at Stanford and Johns Hopkins universities, it included studying eating patterns of thousands of people of various ages, and geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

It tested 7,669 subjects with 24-hour dietary recall information and urinary BPA concentrations from 2003 through 2008, and linked higher consumption of canned foods to a higher BPA concentration in urine. “I could eat three cans of peaches, and you could eat one can of cream of mushroom soup and have a greater exposure to BPA,” lead author Jennifer Hartle was quoted saying

“The consumption of one canned food to none was found to be associated with 24 per cent higher urinary BPA concentrations; and the consumption of two or more canned foods to none was associated with 54 per cent higher urinary BPA concentrations.”

This is in line with what we consider to be unhealthy eating. Often the extra minutes involved in prepping fruit or veggies results in people buying canned versions, which also have greater sugar content, to the point of it being harmful. The BPA concentration levels only make it more evident that canned foods should not be seen as a healthy option.

But don’t listen to us. Next time, when you hit the supermarket, try buying regular fresh fruit and its canned version. Eat one single unit of both side-by-side one after the other, and notice the extra sickly sweetness that comes with canned fruit. That’s all you need to confirm our suggestion.

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