We’ve all read the stories of the 2018 Boston Marathon winners. But a mention needs to be made of 85-year old Katherine Beiers, who finished last at the 2018 Boston and also set a record. According to Runner’s World, social media followers of the 2018 Boston were keen on knowing the story of the lady who was photographed making her way through Newton, while wearing a garbage bag to protect herself a little from the pouring rain. She also became the oldest woman to complete the 26.2-mile race from Hopkinton to Boston.

Katherine Beiers before the 2017 Boston Marathon (Image: Runner’s World)

Despite the heavy downpour, relentless winds and near-freezing temperatures, Beiers crossed the finish line in 7 hours, 50 minutes. However, she is no stranger to the Boston Marathon and was the oldest finisher at the 2017 race, crossing the line in 6:04:07. This was also her 14th time running the Boston Marathon. Just to prepare for the marathon she ran about 45 miles per week around Santa Cruz, California, where she lives.

And how does she recover from the race? With a beer of course! ” A beer is my recovery drink,” she told KPIX.
Both, Beiers and her son who also participated in the 2018 Boston were seen enjoying a post-race traditional pint of beer.

Main Image Courtesy: Suzanne Kreiter for The Boston Globe

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