Gym intimidation is common amongst people who are new to exercising and also those who have been working out habitually. For many the simple act of entering or signing up for the gym is harder and scarier than the workout itself. Gym intimidation affects many regardless of age, fitness levels, gender, or size. This feeling of judgement can hold people back from becoming healthier, more confident, and happier. This takes the fun and the satisfaction out of exercising, but this shouldn’t stop you.

Here are five reminders that will help you master your gym intimidation and get you focused on what’s really important:

  1. Workout for Health
    Whether you realize it or not, everyone goes to the gym for the same reasons;to get healthy and fit! So all gym goers have fitness as a common denominator, despite everyone’s personal fitness goals being unique and everyone having their own individual workout strategies.
  2. Nobody’s Perfect
    One of the biggest misconceptions that gym goers have is that everyone is already in perfect shape; which is far from the truth actually. Everyone will have a different starting point when they first join the gym, but this doesn’t prescribe any set standards of what a gym body should be, because after all you are going to the gym to get the body you’ve dreamed of.
  3. Take your Time
    For a newbie, the mere sight of gym equipment can be intimidating with all the fancy gears and weights. But remember that not everyone at the gym is a personal trainer or has in-depth knowledge about every machine at the gym. Most of the gym equipment comes with self explanatory guidelines, which will help you to understand which muscle the machine actually works on. Take your time to figure the relationship between your body and the machines.
  4. No one is watching you!
    Many gym goers are always super-conscious that they are being watched. So, instead of focusing on themselves, they are more focused on what other people think. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but no one is paying attention to every move you make. Everyone comes to the gym to work on themselves and not watch you! Next time don’t worry so much about looking awkward while trying out a new routine or machine.
  5. Confidence booster
    Everytime you go to the gym, you are building up your self image and in the bargain boosting your confidence. The adrenaline rush post-workout helps you look at yourself in a new light. And this is not just some hormones playing tricks on your mind, but if you do commit to the gym then you will be able to achieve the level of fitness you had aimed for. If you can get yourself past the fear of judgement or failure, you will begin to focus more on exercising and start seeing results.
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Everyone’s body is unique and don’t let these false thoughts about gym intimidation keep you from achieving your fitness goals.

Tips for dealing with gym intimidation:

  • Music is the best remedy
    Listen to your favorite music if you are feeling conscious. There’s no better confidence booster than music and it will also help you concentrate on your workouts for better results.
  • Maintain a diary
    If you are stepping into the gym for the first time or your are resuming working out after a hiatus, then keeping a gym diary will help you stay focused. Write down which exercises work for you and which don’t amongst other details like the number of reps, the weights, etc. In this manner you will have a clear idea of how to go about your exercises and which routines to incorporate.
  • Speak up!
    Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding gym equipment or how to use them. The trainers and staff members are experienced to handle the questions you have for them and they are more than willing to help you go about your workout. If you are still in two minds about hitting the gym, then maybe you could go with a gym buddy. Having a gym buddy will give you someone to talk to, and it will make going to the gym a more fun and comfortable experience.

Keep these reminders in mind the next time you hit the gym, and don’t let fear keep you out of exercising and bettering yourself. Be realistic about your goals and don’t get too swamped thinking too much about what workouts others are following. Everyone’s body is unique and don’t let these false thoughts about gym intimidation keep you from achieving your fitness goals.

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