Electronics maker Lenovo has unveiled a smart running shoe, made in collaboration with Vibram, one of the more popular running brands. Running on an Intel Curie processor made exclusively for wearables, the shoes look like any other pair of trainers, but have some sensors embedded to help you track activities, The Verge reports.

Unfortunately, there’s heart rate monitor in the shoe, which is probably explained by the fact that the foot is not the best place to measure your rate. In the works for over a year, the show is only a prototype right now, so it can’t be bought by consumers just yet. But it does signal an intent on Lenovo’s part to enter the world of wearables beyond just the smartwatch.

The unnamed shoe can counts your steps and tracks the number of calories burned. It also lights up along the bottom, which can be considered a safety feature. It can also charge wirelessly if you place it on a shoe-sized charging panel. It will be interesting to see whether the lights on the outsole will indicate to the runner things such as cadence or striking or even the stride.

When not running in the park, you can play games with the shoe, which could also help you get some exercise. An endless runner-style game has been developed with the shoes in charge of controlling the player. Questions remain about whether this control functionality extends to other games, but it’s definitely a unique touch.

Image: The Verge

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