None of mobiefit’s apps need any training equipment, but full-fledged strength training requires the use of some workout equipment. When starting out, it’s wiser to invest in free weights such as dumbbells or a kettlebell which is easier to move around, and doesn’t require you to spend a lot. They’re also versatile, which means you can perform a number of standalone exercises, or add intensity to regular bodyweight exercises with some light weight training, as you choose.

In order to stay fit, it’s important to be constantly motivated, which means trying new things or taking basic workouts to the next level. Adding a few kg of weight to crunches or lunges or your squats can make a huge difference. So this time we are going to see how regular bodyweight exercises, that are part of the mobiefit BODY training program, can be transformed into light weight training.

Light Weight Crunches
Instead of simply crossing your arms over the chest, grab a dumbbell or a pair and hold it over your chest. Try performing a crunch while holding the weight in both hands. As you move up off the floor, stretch your arms behind you as far as possible in an arc. We advise 3 sets of 10 reps for beginners, however, you could do fewer reps if that’s your comfort zone.

Free Weight Leg Raises
Lie flat on your back holding a dumbbell over your chest, and raise your legs up, keeping them as straight as possible. Now using your abs, pull your upper body off the floor like in a regular crunch and try to get close to your raised legs. Hold for 3 seconds in the up position before lowering yourself down. Once again, it’s advisable to do 3 sets of 10 reps if you are just starting out with weights.

Light Weight Oblique Bends

Oblique bends with free weights (PopSugar)
Oblique bends with free weights (PopSugar)

Stand in a squat position with weights in each hand. Your feet should be just as wide as your hip-width. Raise one arm overhead, bending at the elbow, while bending your torso to one side to work your obliques. You should bend on the side that’s holding the weight overhead. Don’t forget to repeat this on both sides. Do 10 reps per side for 3 sets.

Free Weight Oblique Twist
Lie down as if going in for a standard crunch, with feet flat on the floor, and knees bent. Hold the weight with both hands in front of you, and raise your upper body to form a V-shape angle with the chest and your thighs. Now gently twist your torso to one side, while keeping your upper body straight. Return to center and twist to the other side. Do 10 reps per side with 3 sets each.

And that’s it. With the addition of a free weight you could add extra intensity to simple crunches and twists. While many crunches and bends don’t necessarily work on your arms, using a weight adds that element which needs you to demand a lot from your arms and shoulders.

Know other ways to smartly use dumbbells or light weights with bodyweight training? Let us know in the comments below

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