The 2015 Goa River Marathon saw Ethiopian runners dominate the male marathon and half marathon category, but Indian runners, especially the women, managed to hold their own in other races. Here’s a look at the Indians who tasted success as Vasco this weekend.

Rajashri Tarihal
The winner of the women’s full marathon finished with a time of 3:52:50, which was considerably slower than the male best of 2:29:08. However, it was enough to beat a field of runners including fellow Indians Jigmet Dolma and Tsetan Dolker.

Mals Perera
Rajashri might have finished much slower than the male winner, but she was comfortably the fastest Indian on the track. Mals Perera was the fastest Indian male runner with a time of 3:58:40, finishing slower than Rajashri, but much faster than fellow Indians Ramesh Shanmugam and Richard D’Souza, who won the second and third prize.

Sayadali Awati
Sayadali Awati touched the finish line with a time of 03:36:36 in the Goan Men’s Full Marathon at the 6th edition of the Goa River Marathon held at the Chicalim SAG ground. Awati beat fellow Goans Andy Silveira and Vishwanath B Shetye for the top prize. “I had a fair amount of running experience after having participated in Marathon races in Bangalore, Mysore and Ladakh. I also trained hard for this event and put in 3 hours of training at Miramar beach with no professional coach. I do not have any information about any runners club but I just follow Facebook and check groups and run along with them,” Awati was quoted as saying by Herald Goa.

Shradda Sainuche
Clocking a time of 00:54:19, Shradda Sainuche emerged as the winner of the 10K Goan Women’s category. “I am from Vasco but I train at Mapusa SAI Hostel, Miss Pratima is my coach and I was confident of winning the race,” Shradda told the Herald Goa. “It’s for the first time I have run in such a big event but I had faith in my coach who trained me to win,” added the Xth standard student.

Goa River Marathon at the Start Line
Goa River Marathon at the Start Line

Seema Verma
Seema Verma finished as the leading Indian woman runner in the half marathon (21KM) category at the 6th Goa River Marathon. Her time of 1:52:16 was enough to oust Anjali Saraogi and Tanmaya Karmarkar from the reckoning; they finished in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Nitisha Gaonkar
Hailing from Canacona, Nitisha finished with a time of 00:50:51 in the 10K Women’s category. “This was my debut run in this marathon. Two years ago I had participated in the 21km run but not in this event,” Nitisha told Goa Herald. “I was confident of getting a medal as coach Savio and Patrick have trained me well. I will surely look forward to participating in the River Marathon next year,” she added.

Francisco Clement
The winner of the Goan Men’s 21 K half marathon told Goa Herald.”The weather was great in the morning and I led for almost 2 km of the race. I had the Kenyan’s running with me and I thought my pace was not up to the mark. Secondly I had just returned from Macau Marathon on Sunday and I was tired. But I pushed myself. I will participate and hopefully win some more medals (in the future),” he reportedly said.

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