If you are over 60 and want to take up running, do not think that this could be detrimental for you. If done right, running at any age is very beneficial. It is best to start running in stages, though. It is best advised that you start daily walks for at least 30 minutes, which then can turn into 30 minutes of walking combined with a few minutes of light jogging. Then over time, an easy 20-minute jog is very comfortable to get to.

For our senior citizens, walking is a relaxing way to preserve their ability to move and maintain their independence, and running takes it to the next level. As you run and improve the strength of your heart and the viscosity of your blood, your brain benefits from improved circulation.

After a certain age you don’t need aerobics or a gym, or even a daily run to stay in shape. Sometimes a simple 30-minute walk is enough. Keeps you strong and agile. But a run provides more benefits to your mind and body, if you already have a history of exercise.

Exercise protects our mental abilities as we grow older. It makes us less grumpy, and more likely to be cheerful even when tired. I know you’re tired, but also happy.

Osteoporosis – what a dreadful word. Regular exercise like walking can actually help you avoid it. As you grow older you muscles lose their strength and flexibility. Regular running at any stage can prevent this. But it’s also never too late to start, so start, even if with a walk, and stick to your schedule.

Regular walking can help prevent a ride in an ambulance. It gives you vitality and keeps muscle and bone injuries away. Keep walking like this, and you’ll see this too. Runners have a lower chance of suffering from clinical depression than physically inactive people. You reduce your chances of a fall if you stick to a reasonable running schedule. This is because your muscles and bones will be stronger and your balance will be better as well.

Runners sleep better. While many older adults experience poor sleep cycles, people who run tend to sleep sounder and wake up more refreshed. Once you get used to running, you’ll find that nothing else makes you feel as alive and well. Plus, running is a great way to meet other like-minded people, make new friends and feel better about yourself.

Running every day may not be practical for senior people, but a run thrice a week can really help, and even if that’s not possible, go for a 15-20 minute walk with sections of brisk walking. The more you force yourself to be active, the better you’ll feel, and for longer too.

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