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We cover detailed stories of many important runs that happen across the globe

Missed out on the recent London Marathon? Well then our Marathon Section will give you a blow-by blow of all the running events happening in your city and everywhere across the globe. We take running very seriously and it is our priority to get you the most recent updates from the running world.

Runners are more prone to injuries than any other athletes. Check out our Running Workouts Section explore our wide collection of strengthening and core exercises listed here to enhance your game and beat your personal record.

A nutritious diet is the base of all fitness goals. Check out our feed to get acquainted with the best of nutrition

The path to sculpt an envious body is 30 % exercise and 70% diet. Our Nutrition Watch section will educate you on the importance of a healthy diet and how to consume one. This is your one-stop-shop for healthy recipes and diet tips from the experts.

With Milind Soman aboard the mobiefit RUN programs as your own fitness trainer, we have some of the top running experts in our Running Icons Section to help you become a better runner and achieve  your running goals.

Athletes like Sharvi Bhujbal are a few of mobiefit’s fitness icon program. With this platform we aim to build a stronger and well-knitted running community

With the mobiefit Fitness Icons program, we aim to cultivate a community of young runners who are taking the running community by storm. All mobiefit’s apps are centered around icons who can keep you motivated, and make fitness easy. Here’s a glimpse of all the fitness icons that we have on board

From wearable technology to compression gear. We have reviews and articles on every single gadget in the runner’s world

Don’t know which training shoe to get? Our Gear and Gadgets section will sort you out when it comes to fitness apparel, trackers, recovery gadgets, and all the latest tech updates in the fitness world.

mobiefit BODY December Crunches Challenge
With expert advice and weight loss tips, you will be putting on your old pair of jeans in no time

We know how difficult it is to shed those extra kilos. Running will give you evident results, but for when you are taking a break our Lose Weight Section will guide you on the type of exercises you need to inculcate in your schedule, the kind of food you should plate up on to burn calories, the lifestyle changes you need to make for a healtier you, and much more. Stay tuned if you want to fit into that pair of jeans you’ve been eyeing.

Yoga can help you breathe right and improve your endurance

Breathing as a runner is key to improving your running performance and maintaining your Vo2 max levels. Check out our Yoga for Runners section for a selection of asanas that’ll help you breathe better and augment your game


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