One of the more prestigious and acclaimed running events in India, the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K is all set to become a regular fixture in the running circuit. This year the 25K is scheduled to be on December 20, 2015. Organised by Procam, we expect some great facilities for the runners, who will be sharing the stage with India’s 2016 Rio Olympics qualifying athletes as well as past Asian Games medallists.

In addition to the titular 25K run, there’s an open 10K, a 6K Ananda Run and a 4K Senior Citizens as well as Champions With Disability run. The registration fees last year for the 25K (for elite and amateur runners) were Rs 600 for Indian participants, and US$30 for international runners. For the Open 10K, the entry fee was Rs 500 and US$20 respectively, while the Ananda Run (6 km), the Senior Citizens’ Run (4 km), and the Champions with Disability (4 km) had an entry fee of Rs 300/$15, Rs200/$10, Rs200/$10 respectively.

For those runners who missed out on online registration, there’s a chance to register for the various runs at the Radio Mirchi Get Active Expobeing conducted at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Indoor Stadium from December 17-19, the day before the races. The limited spots will be given out on a first come first serve basis.

The Tata Steel 25K has a minimum age limit of 18 years for the 25K run, and 15 years for the 10K. The minimum age limit for the Ananda Run, Senior Citizens’ Run, and Champions with Disability is 12 years, 60 years, and 12 years respectively. The Open 25K (Amateur) runners are divided into seven segments based on their age – 35 to under-40, 40 to under-45, 45 to under-50, 50 to under-55, 55 to under-60, 60 to under-65 & 65 and above, while the Open 10K runners are divided into six segments based on their age – 15 to under-25, 25 to under-35, 35 to under-45, 45 to under-55, 55 to under-65 & 65 and above.

Last year, a total of Rs 22,80,000 was awarded to overall winners and age-group winners. This year too runners stand a chance to win big in the competitive categories. According to the official prize money list, the first place winner will receive Rs 2,50,000, with Rs 1,75,000 for second place, and Rs 1,00,000 for the third place finisher. All runners in the top 10 in both men’s and women’s categories stand to win a cash prize. The top two amateur runners (men and women) in each of the segments were also awarded with cash prizes of Rs 15,000 and 10,000 respectively. Apart from these awards there are many more prizes to be won for participants in the various race categories.

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