Organized with the aim of spreading awareness about the freedom which can be obtained through education, the Airtel Run For Education will be held on November 29, 2015 in the beautiful and historic city of Kolkata.

Organized by Round Table India, the two categories in the Airtel Run For Education are a 10K run and a 5K run. You can start training for both using the FirstRun app which offers a 5K and 10K training program. However, the dates for registration and the entry fees have not yet been disclosed by the organisers.

Last year the historic Salt Lake Stadium was the starting point for both the 10km run and the 5km runs. The age limit for participation is 12 years. After registration goody bags will be to everyone who registered for the event. Details regarding the collection of the goody bags are provided on the website.

Last year’s edition saw prizes awarded in the 10K run to the tune of Rs 30,000 each for first place, Rs 20,000 each for second place, and Rs 15,000 each for third place for the men’s and women’s winners. In addition, Puma shoes and a mobile phone were also given to the winners of the 10K as well as the 5K.

The event has been popular since its first year and last year over 5000 runners took part in the event. As with most running events in India, the number of participants is expected to increase significantly for this year’s event, so watch out for the registration date.

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