India is a land of plenty, and that applies to everything including trail runs. In this blog we explore three different trail runs from three different parts of the country. Each race/trail offers a run to people with different endurance and stamina levels.

Run the Rann
Set in the Rann of Kutch, this race has become iconic to Gujarat’s developing endurance sports culture. The race completes it’s 3rd successful yeah in 2016. This is Gujarat’s first athletic event to have brought to light both the historic and the sporting spirit of the great Rann of Kutch. Run the Rann has four different races (21 kms, 42 kms, 101 kms and 161 kms) and it has a strict policy of 150 runners

Kaveri Trail Marathon
Started in 2007 with 150 runners, KTM claims to be a brutal run, which starts in Srirangapatna. It has since become quite popular with a 10k, half marathon and full marathon trail. KTM is also an interesting trail to be on since it’s neighboring areas have a lot of history and culture. So after completing the race, runners can take some time out for R&R.


Bhatti Lakes 100
Bhatti Lakes 100 focuses on runners who cannot travel long and arduous journeys for a race. The Bhatti lakes are old mines, which over time turned into lakes. The entire area is a 20-mile loop. It is a beautiful lake area close to Delhi with a fairly gradient trail. That said, it is a tough run. Heat, humidity are part and parcel of the weather, but add to that a trail with changing terrain and you have your work cut-out for you.

Uttarkashi 135 ultra run
The scenic mountain route from Rishikesh to Uttarkashi will play host to an adventurous bunch of ultra-runners this weekend, as they gear up to run 135 miles through the lower Himalayan course. Now in its second year, the Uttarkashi 135, organized by Globalracers, is one of the more challenging mountain trail races in the country with a cumulative 34,000 feet of uphill and downhill stretches. The route itself crosses several charming Himalayan villages as it runs parallel to the Ganga before finally terminating at the holy town of Uttarkashi. All through the challenge, there are hills and forests to negotiate, as the participants (and their crew) chase the trails for 48 hours day and night.

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