One of the most exciting running events in India, the Lucknow city half marathon is organized by Tabono Sports & Entertainment, celebrates the innovative spirit of the city. The event was started to promote health and fitness and to form running community. The 2016 edition of the marathon is currently scheduled to be held on February 6, 2016.

Lucknow city half marathon comprises the half marathon (21.1 Km), a 10K, a 5K and a 3K run. Participants will have to register for each event separately. You can sign up for the Lucknow city half Marathon on the official site.

The registration fee for the half marathon is Rs 600, Those who are getting ready to run a 10K with FirstRun, can opt for the 10K competitive run with a registration fee of Rs 500. The event also has a 5K for which the registration fees are Rs 350. while the entry fee for the 3k run is Rs 250.

The marathon has got immense support from well-known running personalities such as Abhishek Mishra, the first Ironman from Uttar Pradesh, and fellow Ironman competitor and marathoner Milind Soman, who is also the brand ambassador for the event.

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