The latest addition to Mobiefit’s elite training plans is the Mission Marathon. This 42K training program and diet plan is designed for runners who want to train for a full marathon of 42 km. The program features a combination of fartleks, interval runs, tempo runs, and long run sessions ranging from 30 to 100-plus minutes. The duration of this program is set for 18 weeks and it will be of a very high intensity, suitable for half-marathoners and regular runners.

The aim of the program is to enhance your speed by improving your endurance and cover a distance of 22 km to 62 km over the entire span of the program. At a price of just Rs 999 for 3+months, you will also get a Running Performance diet kit in your Mission Marathon program. The diet plan for this program integrates increase in stamina with super-intense training which will last over 3 months. If followed as prescribed and coupled with strength and conditioning training, the Mission Marathon program guarantees that users will able to fast track their training in just 3 months.

The training program will advance according to your progress, to which we have added the crucial nutrition and diet plan designed by nutrition expert and celebrity trainer, Shwetha Bhatia. With years of experience and body-building championships under her belt, Shwetha has created a plan that will not only help boost your stamina from Month 1 but also keep you on track and give you enough fuel for your training!

Intense training

The program consists of super-intense training to help improve your 41K pace and performance. It starts with running at a stretch for just 1 minute with walking breaks in between, during the first week! Over the 12 week duration, you will run 3 sessions of high intensity, improving your 42K pace and performance. By keeping a distance landmark, your focus will not be on how far you have run but how much and how well you run this massive distance. By the time you reach Week 10, you will be more than ready to run longer distances as we build your endurance and strength, and each session will be a long, continuous run, culminating in continuous/long runs in Week 18 that will boost your speed and help you complete a 42K, by improving your personal best.

Priced at just Rs 999, it is a steal with the customized diet plan for running performance. What’s more is that we give you guaranteed results and if you do not see visible in your pace or stamina, you will get your money back! Or if you succeed and share your full progress story, then too we are giving you the money back! Think of the price as a bet that you will succeed!

Strength training guide

Every session will also require you to do a series of strengthening exercises that are crucial to becoming a better runner and improving pace. The exercises are simple and can be done in the comfort of your house, as they do not require any equipment. You will start each run with a warm-up session, followed by your run and end with a series of stretching exercises.

The strength training guide will tell you exactly which workouts to perform and in which order. This is crucial for runners who want to stay injury-free and continue running for greater distances or time, especially when it comes to a half-marathon.

Diet Plan

Sports Performance Enhancement specialist and national-level bodybuilder Shwetha Bhatia has designed all of the diet and nutrition plans for mobiefit

We don’t believe in crash diets or making people eat things they don’t want to. Our focus is on simple ingredients that you can acquire in most stores! This plan is sustainable and can be followed forever. It’s a guarantee of great long-term health, if you stick to it and don’t lose focus from your workouts. The Running Performance diet plan will start you off on an easy-going diet to match your relaxed pace in the first week. With our unique macros (protein, carbs, and fats) calculator, you will successfully control the amount of calories you intake through your daily meals.

Hydration and resting

Our hydration meter will help you to stay hydrated throughout your journey. If you were unsure about foods to eat, pre and post-run then this program will tell you what you need to consume every time you head out for your run. And it doesn’t end there, depending on your diet plan you will also be prescribed certain supplements that will further aid in improving your running speed. The amount of rest you give your body will also be monitored, so that you don’t lose out on any muscle mass that you’ve gained.

The keys to success in any training program is a good amount of exercise, perfect balanced nutrition and sufficient rest for recovery. If even one is missing, the fitness success is not long-lasting. With mobiefit RUN training and the diet and recovery plan set by Shwetha, you are guaranteed to achieve your goal, at a price of Rs 999 for 3 months! That’s a fraction of what you would pay for a personal running coach! And unlike them, mobiefit RUN is with you when you want, just a tap away.

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