Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is getting physical this year, after announcing a personal challenge for 2016 among many others. No, it’s not about providing controversial free internet services, but running a single mile a day for the whole year. Zuckerberg announced his goal of running 365 miles in 2016 in a Facebook post this week, but it’s drawn reactions quite adverse.

“This is a lot of running, but it’s not a crazy amount,” the Facebook founder wrote in the post, suggesting that the mile can be run quite easily. “It’s a mile a day, and at a moderate pace it’s less than 10 minutes of running per day.” That however had become a point of contention. Mashable’s Chris Taylor, who is also a marathoner agrees with the idea that a mile-a-day can be achieved quite easily by most people, but took exception to Zuckerberg’s idea of a sub-10 minute mile:

“A “less than” 10-minute mile is nowhere near what a beginner would call a “moderate pace.” It’s quite fast, even for many experienced runners.

If you’re going into this challenge expecting to run anything less than a 12 or 13-minute mile, you’re not only going to be sorely disappointed, you’re also going to be extremely sore, out of breath and unlikely to keep it up for a year.”

Taylor also points out form flaws in one of the picture that accompanied Zuckerberg’s post, pointing out his heel-striking as a bad practice, while also wondering why Zuckerberg feels the need to hold on to his iPhone instead of tucking it in an armband. We have to agree with the latter and advice caution on the heel-strike as well. Getting into a heel-striking pattern can be dangerous, but the occasional strike to adjust your stride or cadence is acceptable. And at FirstRun, we know a solid armband or holster is necessary keeps your phone, and running coach, safe. And you can buy one right in the app.

Zuckerberg has also set up a Facebook group called A Year of Running which any Facebook user can join, and where people can talk about their running progress and discuss fitness goals and tips.

Download FirstRun, and get started on your running journey to join Zuckerberg’s call to arms. With FirstRun, you would be running at least a mile every time you hit the road in just 4 weeks of our 9-week 5K running training program, and even quicker through the advanced paid 10K program.

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