There’s no denying the advantages of well-fitted and comfortable sports bra in making workouts easier. A well-designed one, for instance, can help improve your running form, allow you to lengthen your exercise time, and even prevent common injuries. But what if your sports bra could also maximize workouts as per your unique biometric data? Welcome to the new-age smart bra designed by the folks at HERA Training in France, in collaboration with professional sports coaches and womenswear designer Millesia.

Named after the Greek goddess Hera, the wearable comes with woven sensors attached to an elastic band. The fitted device can record the wearer’s heart rate, speed, distance, calories burnt, along with GPS, altitude variances, workout intensity, and training impulse (TRIMP). Given that the device is placed near the wearer’s chest (much like an ECG sensor), its ability to accurately measure high quality physiological data and body motion seems feasible.

Apart from its smart technology, the bra itself is designed for maximum comfort and ease of movement to ensure maximum support and form correction in the wearer. Besides, the Hera sports bra doesn’t require you to wear any other connected device such as a fitness band or HR monitor; it also does not need any further adjustment during your workouts.


On its Kickstarter page, the company writes that HERA is not just ‘a bra adapted to women’s morphology’ but also ‘a coach adapted to women’s physiology’. The wearable claims to have an edge over other fitness coaches and apps, mainly because it can interpret your biometric data and offer coaching suggestions and tips in real time. In addition, the training app allows you to find the perfect workout that apart from your fitness levels is also based on your personal interests.

It includes options like ‘get a firmer shape’, ‘run a marathon’, ‘drop a dress size’, ‘get stronger’ among others, and depending on your selection as well as your biometric readings, the Smart Coaching Program it generates is said to be perfectly suited to your body.

Because of the real-time inputs, the device can detect if you’re pushing too hard and ask you to slow down. Similarly, it can modify your workouts to a higher intensity if you need to move faster, while at the same time ensuring that you stay injury free. The in-app voice coach is designed to motivate and guide you through the workout, which is composed of a mix of running, and cross-mix exercises along with stretching and yoga postures to ensure variety and versatility in your exercise routine.

You will also receive a detailed feedback at the end of each workout, and the more you use the app, the smarter and better the workouts get. Right now you can pre-order the wearable through Kickstarter and select a value package based on their weekly workout frequency.



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