FirstRun is proud to introduce its Chief Fitness Officer (CFO) Gul Panag. Gul is a co-founder of MobieFit, and is going to be an integral part of your fitness journey, and aside from tips, advice and insight we are also going to get into her head and find out her workouts, training and run routines and understand her fitness mantras.

You will hear Gul’s voice taking you through the weeks in FirstRun’s running programs for 5Km and 10Km runs, while she’s also using her insight from running over the years to help novice runners get the right running form, understand running drills, and learn the various stretches and exercises to run better.

Gul has run more half marathons than she can remember. She started with the New Delhi Marathon in 2004 and after that, there was no looking back. A firm believer in fitness and carving out some time every day to run, train or practice yoga, Gul has armed herself with formidable knowledge on the science of running.


Gul is currently in the process of training and prepping for the TCS World 10K run in Bangalore on the May 17. With little over a week to go, we at FirstRun along with Gul are going to give you tips and advice through the coming weeks on the run as well as updates on the actual run.

Here’s a short note from Gul:

Our debut product FirstRun has launched today on the Google Play Store.  It is specifically designed to take people who’ve absolutely never run before and get them running many kilometres within just a few weeks. Among a dozen unique features is a personal trainer (yours truly!) who will guide you through the entire journey. I am now the CFO, yes that’s right, the Chief Fitness Officer.

Not tomorrow, not next week, not after the vacations…Start your FirstRun today!

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