mobiefit RUN icon Milind Soman added to his IRONMAN triathlon achievement by finishing Ultraman Endurance Triathlon in Florida, known as one of the toughest races on the planet!

Milind finished in 41st place, just ahead of fellow Indian endurance athlete Abhishek Mishra, who is also incidentally Milind’s training partner. Milind’s achievement at the age of 51 is commendable, and he managed impressive timings in all three disciplines.

One Day 1, Milind finished the 6.2mi Swim in 3:50:48, and completed the first leg of the Cycling round (93mi) in just over 7 hours for a total of 10:51:01 in the day. The second day was even longer for the one-time national junior swimming champ. The grueling 173mi bike ride took nearly half the day as Milind finished the cycling leg in 11:59:55 hours. By the end of Day 2, his total was 22:50:56 of swimming or biking in 48 hours. Day 3 is dedicated to the 52.4mi ultra-run and Milind managed a time of 11:55:18 hours to finish with an overall timing of 34:46:14 in 41st place.

Mishra finished in 42nd place with a timing of 34:51:31 hours. Other Indian runners finished ahead of Milind and Mishra.

13-time IRONMAN Kaustubh Radkar finished the swim in 2:49:52, the first leg of Cycling in 6:09:19 hours and the second leg in 11:05:45 for a total bicycling time of 17:15:04. He finished the ultra-run in 11:25:03 for a total time of 31:29:59 and won the 34th place in the leaderboard. Following him in the 35th place was Prithviraj Patil with a timing of 31:32:26, while Manmadh Rebba ended Ultraman Florida with a timing of 31:43:19 and finished in 36th place.

32-year-old David Hainish won the Ultraman Florida race with a total time of 22:08:48 hours, while Marc Puig Amiel finished in second place finishing in 22:31:05 hours.

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