India loves sports leagues! That much was clear considering the following generated by the Indian Premier League (IPL), Indian Hockey League (IHL), Indian Super League (ISL) and Star Pro Kabaddi. However, these and many others of their kind have only been about supporting the sportsmen in India, sidelining the women athletes. Which is why the Dabur Chaywanprash Pro Wrestling League’s initial success is such a great achievement.

The Pro Wrestling League (PWL), which started on December 10 and will go on till December 27, 2015, features wrestlers from all over the world with 6 teams in the first season. It comes at a great time, giving exposure to the wrestlers ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. But it’s biggest USP is giving a platform for women wrestlers too, which will have a major impact on the overall development of the sport in India.

6 teams feature 5 male and four women wrestlers
6 teams feature 5 male and four women wrestlers

Already, Indian wrestlers have been winning medals at recent global sporting events such as Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games, so to allow them a chance to hone their skills before the Olympics is a great initiative. It’s the beginning of a wrestling revolution in India. Through the FirstRun app, MobieFit kick-started a running revolution in India. We know the pitfalls, are aware of the obstacles, and understand that it takes great courage to bring about meaningful change. So here’s a small message from MobieFit co-founder and our running coach Gul Panag expressing support for Pro Wrestling League, and motivating fans to keep following, tweeting and sharing their PWL stories with the #KhelFauladi hashtag.

An initiative of ProSportify and Wrestling Federation of India, PWL is also the richest wrestling event ever. With a total prize purse of Rs 15 crores, each team will vie for the grand prize with 9 players – 5 Indian and 4 foreign wrestlers. Each team also has to have 5 men and 4 women athletes. In the inaugural year, the PWL will feature a total of 18 ties – 15 in the league phase, 2 semi-finals and the Grand Finale. PWL is also action packed, guaranteeing a minimum of 150 bouts throughout the season. The league will be played under special PWL Rules, conforming to the United World Wrestling and Wrestling Federation of India rules. Among the 66 wrestlers in the PWL, we will see the likes of Geeta Phogat, Sushil Kumar, Yogeshwar Dutt, Amit Kumar, Bajrang Kumar and Babita squaring with each other.

Pro Wrestling League offers a great platform for women wrestlers
Follow Pro Wrestling League with the hashtag #KhelFauladi

The Pro Wrestling League (PWL) is not just an equal-opportunity platform for passionate wrestlers, but also a great showcase of fitness and athleticism. Wrestling requires great energy, balance, power and agility, making it one of the toughest sports in the world. It’s also about determination and showing courage, which will be a great inspiration for millions of men and women watching the PWL.

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