We recently had an epic battle between the Mobiefit Apps pitched against all your Personal Trainers. It was a close one…. Umm nah, we’re kidding. It was a clean win!!

But in any case, we’ll let you be the judge of this!

Strike 1: Around The Clock

Mobiefit is always there for you. It lets you put in crazy work hours… And take it out with crazier workout sessions…
All this while you’re still at the office!

Strike 2: Budget Friendly

Our training is cheaper, but that’s not all. We motivate you through different challenges daily. These challenges can actually win you gifts worth more than your subscription value… So, it’s cheaper than free!

Strike 3: We’re More Human

Because being flesh and bones is not enough. Caring makes you human! And when we give you a complimentary insurance with our training subscriptions, we show you how much we care… Say Whaaaat?!

And How Are We Doing This?

Mobiefit is giving its users a complimentary StayFit Toffee Insurance!


Yes! Now say bye-bye to any workout/run related injuries, because you can claim up to  Rs 95,000 on hospital bills!


What we are saying is…

Failure doesn’t come from falling down. Failure comes from not getting up!

StayFit Toffee is an insurance cover custom made for you. It covers you from all accidental injuries while you dedicatedly strive to achieve your fitness goals with your Mobiefit training subscription. Its policy’s buying time is within 90 seconds and claims are processed within 2 hours, online!

It’ll make you believe in magic!

Here’s how it works:
  1. Click this link, and pick a training program to get started
  2. Once you make payment, you’ll get a mail with your unique redemption link
  3. Fill out your profile (in under 90 seconds)
  4. Get your Stay Fit Toffee insurance card via email immediately
  5. That’s it. Train hard, and let us take care of any injuries!

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