At Mobiefit we firmly believe in fitness.We are committed to making your health our top priority and want you to do the same! With the Mobiefit BODY Challenges, we aim to provide a platform for fitness enthusiasts across the globe to compete in the challenges and win at it! This time Mobiefit has tied up with Azani Sport, which is one of India’s top apparel and compression wear brand, to treat our winners to the best in sports and fitness apparel.

Azani’s SubZero Tech and Biomimetically Engineered performance gear is designed to keep muscles in place and reduce damage or muscle fatigue. They are lightweight, anti-bacterial and sweat absorbent to keep you cool, dry and free from chaffed skin. Participate in the Mobiefit BODY challenges and you could get your hands on Azani’s amazing compression gear and shoes. The challenges are bigger and so are the prizes! Here’s a look at what’s in store for you this month.

Azani products are designed keeping in mind an athletes physique, developed to make you train harder and withstand fatigue.

Get Fit For Garba Challenge

Get ready to put your best foot forward this dandiya season! With the Get Fit for Garba Challenge, participants will have to compete with each other to perform 1000 pushups in the minimum time. Not only will this build your upper body strength, but it will also tone your shoulders so you can flaunt them this Navratri.  The top three contenders who complete the challenge in the least amount of time will win Azani Sports vouchers worth Rs 4000.

Squat like Mr Olympia

Mr Olympia is the biggest annual bodybuilding event in the world. This time Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend is coming to India and Mobiefit has a challenge for all the bodybuilding enthusiasts. With the Squats like Mr Olympia Challenge, we are calling out to all the participants who can do 1000 squats in the least amount of time. Winners go home with Azani Sports vouchers worth Rs 4000 and massive lower body strength!

McGregor Crunches Challenge

UFC champion Conor McGregor packs a powerful punch all thanks to his core strength. If you are looking at building your core, then the McGregor Crunches Challenge is what you need! Participate and compete in the challenge to perform 1000 crunches. The top three contenders who finish the challenge in minimum time will win Azani vouchers worth Rs 4000.

If you are still looking for inspiration, then hear it from our Fitness Icon Anoop Singh Thakur!

Anoop knows how important it is to form a habit of regular exercise and what better way to start than to participate in the Mobiefit BODY challenges. Not only will you be your fittest, you will also win amazing prizes for it. So hurry up and participate in the challenges! The last date is 31st October 2017.

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