After the massive success of the mobiefit BODY World Fitness Challenge, we saw an amazing response to the Young Guns Challenge, and there’s some more exciting news for those who love to compete, workout and win!

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In December, we are bringing new Pushup, Squats and Crunches challenges with weekly winners, like in November. In addition, the 1000 Pushup, 1000 Squats and 1000 Crunches 2017 challenge will continue till the end of the month! Watch out for these challenges this week!

What’s more we are adding two more Social Challenges in the next few days to go with the super-hit ’22 Pushups’ Challenge. We have seen a great number of entries supporting the brave efforts of the Indian Army. Besides 22 pushups, you will be able to submit videos of 22 squats and crunches as well.

Last month, we announced the Young Guns mobiefit BODY Challenge winners for Squats, Pushups and Crunches Here’s another round of appreciation for the winners!

1.Young Guns Series – Knee Pushups

This one was for the girls only and the challenge was to do the most number of knee pushups in a minute. Neha Pathak won the top prize of Amazon vouchers worth Rs 2000 with 88 reps, while runners-up Guwahati’s Ribiya Jokom and Jabalpur’s Devanshi Agrahari won Rs 1000 each. Here’s the winning video of the challenge.

2. Young Guns Series – Pushups

Young Guns Pushups Challenge winners

Goa’s Virendra Pathak dominated all three challenges, starting with the Pushups Challenge. With a total of 84 reps in a minute, he comfortably beat Devanshi Agrahari, finishing second with 75 reps, and Hasmeet Bindra who managed 72 reps to narrowly miss out on second place! Virendra will win Amazon vouchers worth Rs 2000, and the 2 runners-up get Rs 1000 each.

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3. Young Guns Series – Squats

Young Guns Squats Challenge winners
Young Guns Squats Challenge winners

The goal in this challenge was to perform the most number of standard squats in a minute. Virendra won this challenge to and will get Amazon vouchers worth Rs 2000. He managed a total of 79 reps. Gautam Bharti of Mumbai and Sachin Suresh from Bangalore tied for second place with a total of 78 reps, just one short of the winner. Gandhinagar’s Kuwar Rajpalsinh finished in 4th place with 75 reps.

4. Young Guns Series – Crunches

Young Guns Crunches Challenge winners
Young Guns Crunches Challenge winners

And finally the crunches challenge winners. Virendra completed the clean sweep and won Amazon vouchers worth Rs 2000 for the top prize here too. His count of 84 comfortably beat second place Durga Shanker from Bangalore (78 reps) while Devanshi finished in third place with 74 reps.

Want to win prizes and be recognised by your friends and family? Take the mobiefit BODY challenges this month and start winning.

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