We created a fitness revolution in India with mobiefit BODY. And with close to 100,000 trainees who have come through our app, we have found that not only was our formula appealing, but it is also one of the most effective fitness training apps in the market.

This is possible through key decisions in the way we approached building our program. For example, we knew that a one-size-fits-all will be easy but will not appeal to all our potential audience. We needed to accommodate people of all fitness levels.

That’s why our program is uniquely adapted to each individual’s schedule, fitness level and goals, whether it is weight loss, simply shedding calories, body-building, toning and shaping, or learning the best exercise techniques.

Another problem that people face is staying motivated enough to finish their workout program. To motivate the young fitness enthusiasts we got on board celebrity fitness icons – Anoop Singh and Bani J – who act as the exercise companions and mentors within the app, featuring in amazing HD videos for upper body, lower body or core strengthening exercises.

We also removed the hurdle of having to count your sets by automatically counting them for you as you pump out each rep. This allows you to focus on your workout and form, instead of counting in your head. Thanks to modern sensor technology, the mobiefit BODY fitness app automatically tracks all your workouts by counting reps and sets for pushups, crunches and squats.

Customised workout plan
Not everyone can do 50 squats, pushups or crunches in the beginning! For many doing just 10 can be a challenge! So mobiefit BODY sets a Practice Test to know your fitness level and gives you a customized workout routine based on your ability.

Train with Mr World

With a Mr World 2015 title under his belt, actor and pilot, Anoop Singh gives you all the right diet and fitness tips. His unique workout style showcases his incredible flexibility, body-building expertise and a world-class physique. It’s not without hard work and dedication can you reach the world stage and impress one and all. That’s what Anoop Singh brings to the table in mobiefit BODY.

Work out with TV Icon

Bani J (MTV Roadies alumni and fresh off her Bigg Boss appearance) is one of India’s most loved TV personalities. She brings a unique sense of style to all your workouts with her focus on flexibility, nutrition, and shaping and toning! Her high-octane attitude towards fitness might leave you huffing and puffing but it’s well worth the effort, as her drop dead gorgeous body shows.

No equipment or gym needed
There’s no catch. Mobiefit BODY is 100% free with free bodyweight training programs. No need for any expensive training equipment, extra gym costs as you can exercise at home, in the park or anywhere – even a small cubicle.


Compete to win

With awesome new challenges every month, and prizes given away every week, mobiefit BODY has transformed how people view fitness. This is not about just getting fit anymore, it’s also about your pocket money. No wonder that mobiefit BODY is a hit on campus.

Workout diary
Tracking your workouts is easy with the mobiefit BODY dashboard, just like in mobiefit RUN and mobiefit WALK. Keep a tab on your exercise history and map your progress; see how many calories you are burning in each session so that you know exactly when to push yourself and when to take it easy.

Quick Workouts
Don’t want to enter a training program but want to focus on a particular part of your body? Quickly choose from Upper Body, Core and Lower Body workouts and get started.

Videos and blogs
100+ in-app videos from our celebrity coaches Anoop and Bani at no extra cost! Our companions show you how to perform any workout with minimal risk of injuries, helping you make the most of your training.

Unlike other fitness apps mobiefit BODY is not just about telling you which workout to choose; we take it a step beyond by guiding you on each and every aspect of your fitness from tracking to fitness tips. Exercise not only boosts your body but also charges up your mind, allowing you to tackle any challenge. Your body and mind will both be thankful for this personal trainer. Burn calories, lose weight, gain energy to keep going and watch as your confidence grows. This is your best chance to unleash your full potential.

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