If you have the will and the right guidance, nothing can stop you from achieving your fitness goal. We are bringing you a fully revamped mobiefit BODY and a brand-new approach to workouts and training programs.

With four new training programs – each with an included diet plan and nutrition kit – whatever your fitness goals, we will help you get there with the help of our celebrity Fitness Icons and mobiefit technology to track your workouts and progress. All we need from you is dedication and some good old-fashioned hard-work!

By subscribing to mobiefit BODY Pro – one month and three month subscription plans are available – you get access to four training programs for different fitness goals. With programs for weight loss, muscle gain, six-pack abs and toned body, there’s a training plan for you whatever your goal.

Go Pro and get access to four training programs for as little as Rs 199 a month

And that’s not all that’s new in mobiefit BODY – a whole lot of changes have come in that we hope will make your workout experience truly world-class!

The cornerstone of the brand new programs is the diet and nutrition plan that makes it super simple and easy to keep up with your daily nutritional needs. Not only is each diet plan customized to suit the program’s goal, it’s also full of important details that you must practice in any case.

Your Nutrition Expert

A national-level bodybuilding champion, fitness guru to the likes of Tiger Shroff, Sajid Nadiadwala and Sooraj Pancholi, and sports performance specialist, Shwetha Bhatia brings with her a decade-plus of experience of being a fitness pro!

The driving force behind this diet plan, Shwetha has created a customized plan for you. This is the most effective way to lose weight, and also helps in keeping your mobiefit BODY training on track!


We don’t believe in crash diets or making people eat things they don’t want to. Our focus is on simple ingredients that you can acquire in most stores!

This plan is sustainable and can be followed forever. It’s a guarantee of great long-term health, if you stick to it and don’t lose focus from your workouts. Together, the mobiefit training and diet plan guarantee that you will achieve your goal.

The Training Programs

Each of the four mobiefit BODY Pro programs come with a 3-month diet plan that’s designed by Shwetha as well as full nutrition kit which tells you what’s good for you to eat and what should be avoided.

Each program has a unique structure so do find out in detail by visiting our brand new Training home page. Being a bodybuilder and a sports performance enhancement specialist, Shwetha is well-placed to give you a diet plan to ensure injury-free workout experience and guaranteed results for weight loss, muscle gain, six-pack abs or a toned body.

Money-back Guarantee

And yes, we do mean guaranteed results. If you don’t see the results we promise after the program ends, we will give you your money back.

We are very confident that this program works. It’s not just talk and therefore, even if you succeed with this program and achieve your goal, we will give you your money back. Just prove to us that your journey has been effective by showing us progress pictures and comparisons of your body before and after beginning the program! We assure you results if you follow the below rules:

  1. Follow the diet plan completely, including the recommended meal timings and calorie intake
  2. Stick to the mobiefit BODY training schedule and program
  3. Get into the habit of drinking more water and keeping hydrated while running
  4. Follow the rest days – they are as important as your workouts and diet
  5. Improve your lifestyle – sleep patterns, meal planning and scheduling – for best results

So head on over to the Training page and take a look at all the new mobiefit training programs. And if you have any suggestions, do leave a comment on this post or on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram channels!

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