It may be the most important investment for a new runner; a pair of quality shoes. Shoes come in all shapes and sizes and not just any pair is suited for running. There’s a reason we have specialist running shoes and tennis shoes and training shoes. Running shoes are specifically designed with the activity in mind, and for beginners, it’s vital to pick the right pair. Unfortunately, the running shoe market is full of jargon such as arch height, pronation, minimalist shoes, motion control shoes which could scare off novices. We’re here to bust this jargon.

Introducing, Dr. Rajani Patil, who is a sports physiotherapy specialist with 17 years of field experience who understands the physical demands and technical aspects of various sports, the movements and muscle activity involved in each phase of the game and the most probable causes of injury. Her 8 years of experience in the USA has primarily been the rehabilitation of sports injuries, improving sporting performance and post-surgical rehabilitation. Dr. Patil is the founder of OrthoSports Physiotherapy with two clinic locations in Mumbai.

In the following video, Dr. Patil sheds light on the jargon that surrounds running and running shoes. While we all are on-point with our workouts and diets, we many a time falter when it comes to choosing the right shoe. But why is it so difficult? That’s because the foot itself is made up of 26 bones, and the way we run differs from person to person. For example, we have the overpronators, the under pronators and the normal. Then we have the more technical aspects of the foot such as the arch height, impact, gait stance, etc making it all the more important to take an informed decision when choosing the right running shoe.

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