Although I don’t believe in parents being a role model, yet there is a lot that the kids learn and also unlearn from their parents. I strongly believe that let the children be free in pursuing what they wish to when it comes to life and career, yet you must be a fit mom! This is one aspect where you will always inspire and motivate your child to be, and this is something that will stay with them throughout their lives !! 

Jinnie Gogia Chugh – Female Bodybuilder and Writer

Jinnie Gogia Chugh started her fitness journey at the age of 37 years. A former teaching professional and writer, Jinnie now manages to devote time to her newfound passion – Bodybuilding. She has competed at several national and international platforms and is the brand ambassador for Fit India. Here’s Jinnie’s story from flab to fit:

Were you always into fitness? What was the starting point?

I was keen to be thin but had no knowledge about the right nutrition, diet and fitness. I used to exercise at home and mismanage my food, which at one point in time created a havoc in my life. However, I started my professional fitness journey in 2014. I joined the gym and started weight training and luckily my body responded well to weight training. It was in this year that I started competing professionally.

How does being married and having kids play a part? How do you manage all the responsibilities?

Being married and having a kid plays a big role. Yet it is a beautiful feeling to see your child hug you and be proud of your achievements. Well as it is said, it is all about time management. And yes, immense effort goes into this and to maintain a balance, one has to sacrifice a lot. I try to fulfill most of my responsibilities and spend quality time with my daughter and family.

How do you manage your workout schedule daily?

I am a writer, an athlete, and a brand ambassador. I have just started my own venture in fitness services. I plan out and execute accordingly. From physique sports, I shifted to powerlifting last year and generally, my fitness goals determine my workout plan. If I’m not competing or taking part in any championship, I workout 4-5 times a week. I am focused on weight training and have a strange fondness for it. But yes, now I have added a lot of mobility and calisthenics to my workout.

Being fit is one thing, what made you venture into Bodybuilding?

It was a sheer coincidence that I entered bodybuilding and started competing at an international level. Little did I know when I entered the gym, that a step in the gym would change the direction of my life.  I started competing at the national and international level.

What are some of your achievements?

  • Brand Ambassador for Fit India Campaign
  • Won 5 Gold Medals at the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championship
  • 4 Gold Medal at the National Powerlifting Championship
  • Represented India thrice on an International Level – World Championship and Asian Championship in Physique Sports
  • Ms. Delhi 2016
  • Ms. Delhi 2015

Do you believe that age is just a number or does one have to take precautions with age?

Age is just a number is easier said but yes one must age gracefully. The general body processes and stamina may vary but It’s all about the time you have invested in your fitness and how you have taken care of your body. It’s not only about exercising or gym , but about the right diet and nutrition, a lifestyle.

What were you doing before becoming an athlete and a fitness writer? What is your educational background?

I was a teacher for over a decade, and was completely engrossed in the education sector and was pursuing higher studies. I completed three post-graduate degrees Masters in English, M.Ed and MBA. I started writing and authored 15 books on education. I was to take up writing full time. I am very fond of studying and learning. Once I started my journey of fitness ,I understood the importance of being certified in fitness and realized how lack of education in fitness is ruining the health of people. It was then that I pursued a course in fitness education and vehemently read on fitness. I started writing articles on fitness on various portals and this is how I became a fitness writer.

What were the hardships you encountered when you started your fitness journey?

The fitness journey has been extremely tough as I was completely unaware of the workout and diet . I underwent overtraining and was practically on zero nutrition, which caused a lot of damage to my health and even looks. Moreover it was a very new field for me so I had no clue as to in what direction I should be heading . And yes, the field of bodybuilding was diametrically opposite to the field of education, and I had to face a lot of hostility because of that .Moreover I had started at the age of 37 ,which again gave many people around me a reason to question if it was the right decision. Although I had not quit the teaching job to pursue the occupation of fitness. Its sheer coincidence that this happened.

I started competing at the international level, but again there wasn’t much awareness in the country about physique sports at that time. The industry was in the stage of infancy and people had their reservations about pursuing this as an occupation. By God’s grace, my educational background and writing skills helped me majorly and along with being  an international athlete, I became a fitness writer .I was chosen to be the brand ambassador for a national fitness campaign and was immensely successful .

Women and bodybuilding – What is your take?

Women and bodybuilding are as perfect as coffee and cake! I feel its just apt and is good as it is for men.

Any advice for amateur athletes?

First and foremost ,be very careful in choosing your mentor/trainer . Always chose a certified and educated mentor, someone who will help you grow and will boost your morale and your confidence. Have a firm belief in yourself and never let anyone pull you down. Simply stay away from negativity or from anyone who doesn’t let you take the onus of your efforts. Next be very disciplined and focused .Be clear of your fitness goals and also if you take up fitness competing ,then be associated with a recognized federation.

Do your kids workout with you? What’s your favorite memory?

I have a 12-year old who has her own fitness routine and exercises on her own. Yes ,many a times we both have a fun workout together .Infact she’s had a very interesting journey from fat to fit and it was completely her own efforts and determination, and I am very proud of that .

What’s your one piece of advice for new or expecting moms?

Expecting moms should be careful and have a nutritious diet ,the new moms must also eat well and also start exercising as soon as they can post delivery ,but only after their doctors give a go ahead .

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