Mumbai’s Dilip Patel has a transformation journey like no other. He started off as a skinny guy but has now totally transformed his body with his strict workout and diet plans. So much so that he recently went on win the second place at the recently conducted Rubaru Audi Mr.India 2018. As mobiefit’s Fitness Icon, we got a chance to catch up with Dilip in an exclusive tete-a-tete post his Rubaru 2018 win. Here are the deets:

What inspired you to participate in Rubaru 2018?

I’ve always had a dream to represent India at an international level. But for that, I would have to work my way through National level competitions, which led me to participate in the Rubaru Audi Mr.India 2018.

Were you expecting to be among the Top 3 at the Rubaru 2018? Have you participated in beauty pageants before this?

Everyone wants and hopes to be a winner. Though I did give it my best shot, when you actually win something it still leaves you equally excited and surprised. Especially when I have had no previous history of participating in beauty pageants.

What was your preparation like? How did you manage work/college along with being committed to this goal?

Dedication is the key! I followed a very strict diet and workout schedule to maintain my physique. I was very well focused on winning the title, so I dedicated my time to first chalk out a schedule to balance work and my gym time, and then follow it thoroughly.

Which was the most difficult round at the Rubaru 2018? 

Every round was equally as challenging but, for me, particularly the ramp walk round was a bit tough having no experience in the same before. Working with the participants was a different learning experience altogether since everybody wanted to give their best in winning the title.

How did you prepare yourself mentally for such a big win?

I kept my mind and focus only on one thing – the desire to win! And of course, I worked hard to win it.

How did your parents react when they found out about your win?

Everyone including me was equally as surprised and thrilled about the win. The entire experience was very fulfilling. But yes, everything was priceless compared to the content on my Dad’s face when I told him I won.

The Most Precious moments of my life.!😍 #mrindia2018 #1strunnerup

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Give us some details about your workout schedule and diet that you followed for the contest?

I concentrated on working out one single body part every day followed by 20minutes of cardio and a mandatory abs workout.When it came to my diet I made sure that consumed 250 grams of protein and 100 grams of carbs to compliment the workout.

What are your future plans?

Like I said before, I have always wanted to represent India at an international level. Now that I have a platform like Rubaru, I may pursue modeling full-time and also plan on dabbling in acting.

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