We have always put fitness first, but one of the biggest challenges faced by people who are keen to get fit is the right motivation. That’s why mobiefit’s apps are centred around icons who can keep you motivated, and make fitness easy. Today, we are bringing that idea to a whole new level with the mobiefit Fitness Icon.

We want to showcase the best fitness talent in India and the world through the mobiefit Fitness Icon platform! Through its three fitness apps, mobiefit has garnered a half-a-million strong (and growing) community of app users, trainees and fitness enthusiasts. With a goal to create awareness about young talents and fitness trends, we want to showcase the skills of talented fitness professionals and individuals to the whole world.

Along with our celebrity in-app fitness companions mobiefit co-founder Gul Panag, Ironman triathlete Milind Soman, Mr World 2015 Anoop Singh Thakur and Bigg Boss contestant Bani J, these Fitness Icons will be responsible for making fitness more accessible to all, while providing motivation and inspiration through videos, photographs and more.

To create this community we have selected some of the best talents in India when it comes to workouts (at gym, or home), running and walking. We are profiling the Fitness Icons, promoting engaging social media content created by them on our website and on our own social media channels at no cost to the creators. Here are a few of the mobiefit Fitness Icons who will be the crux of the new community.

Mumbai-based fitness model Annabel Da Silva

Abhishek Dass (@ad2730 on Instagram), personal trainer and physique competitor

Jaie Bhadane, featured in the recent Nike Da Da Ding commercial

Outdoor workouts can be fun! ⛅️

A video posted by Jaie Bhadane (@jaie_bhadane) on

Fitness enthusiast Dilip Patel

When in doubt, WORKOUT.! 💪🏻 #nopainnogain #workhard #live #your #life #getfit #goals #happiness

A photo posted by Dilip Patel (@dpatel831) on

Videos created by the above and more, will be promoted within the three apps too so you can not just get fit, but get inspired, and share your achievements right in our apps. You will also be able to share videos from our Fitness Icons, which range from workout packages to individual exercises, that help beginners get stronger and fitter.

For runners, we are creating a community that will arm you with all the right knowledge from experienced running trainers, marathoners and more. This includes experiential videos from their marathons, nutrition tips, gear reviews and more. We want to promote and emphasise the bond between runners through your unique content, showcased on the mobiefit RUN app.

In addition, the Fitness Icon status enables you to get a higher reach thanks to our generous mention of your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter profiles in our promotions.  Follow mobiefit on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for weekly video updates, and stay tuned to our blow for the Fitness Icon profiles and interviews.

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