My logic is, if you are fit you can play and perform in any game you practice, says Vikram Ashok from Chennai who is mobiefit’s newest Fitness Icon

With the mobiefit Fitness Icon program we want to showcase the best fitness talent in India and the world through the Througout all the three fitness apps ( mobifit BODY, mobiefit RUN and mobiefit WALK) we have garnered a half-a-million strong (and growing) community of app users, trainees and fitness enthusiasts.

With a goal to create awareness about young talents and fitness trends, we want to showcase the skills of talented fitness professionals and individuals to the whole world. Our newest member is Vikram Ashok from Chennai, who is a skilled martial artist and sportsperson. Vikram has to his name a 2nd Dan black belt in Karate, 1st Dan black belt in Kobudo and a brown belt in Aikido. He also has been an active volley ball player and a national level athlete.

In an interview with Vikram, he opened up about his fitness journey and how he still stays committed to fitness despite having a nine to five job. Read on for more…

What made you take fitness and sports so seriously? Did you have any early childhood inspirations?

Right from childhood, I was known for my achievements in sports. I would leave home early just to make time for my athletic practices and be home late in the evening after my martial arts and volleyball practice. I was also deemed as the sports secretary of St. Mary’s Anglo Indian School and was responsible for leading all sports teams and organizing several sports events.

As for my inspirations, I’ve always been a big fan of Michael Johnson and Bruce Lee. But the biggest inspiration would be my dad. Karate was the first thing I started early in my life and it was the base for getting into all other sports.

What were the challenges you faced when it came to fitness?

Initially my performance in sports was very poor, and I did not win any medals even at the district level competitions. But I trusted my instincts and kept myself motivated to understand that failures are the stepping stones to success. After getting the first taste of success, there was no looking back.

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Do you have any fitness achievements and specialties that you’d like to brag about?

Well, I am a 2nd Dan black belt in Karate, 1st Dan black belt in Kobudo and a brown belt in Aikido. I also practice Judo. I represent Tamil Nadu team at the National level karate championships and have won many medals. In athletics I have I have trained for a ‘C’ certificate in NCC. My specialties would have to be martial arts, body strength and conditioning training and swimming.

Who are your mentors and coaches?

As far as Martial arts is concerned I have the guidance of my karate teacher Sensei Ashokan. For weight training I have few experts who teach me and virtual mentors through YouTube.

Are you a full time fitness professional? If not, how do you make time for workouts or runs in your daily life?

No. I work as a Manager with The Indian Express. It has been a habit since school days, I workout early in the morning and practice martial arts in the evening after office hours. During weekends I practice for more  hours and also teach people, which I find very helpful because you tend to practice even more when you teach others.

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How many hours do you work out or run in a week?

8 to 10 hours a week. I usually prefer sticking to my routine, but if I am in a hurry then I go for a quick run to compensate for the physical activity I’d be missing out on.

What is the importance of fitness in your life?

I was a shy boy but physical training has given me that extra bit of confidence to face people, speak in front of a crowd and just be social. Being fit helped me achieve more in sports and being a martial artist I possessed the ideologies to be fit and level-headed.

What do you eat before, during and after your workouts? Are there any food or habits one should avoid?

I go for a coffee and banana before workout, but after workout I have no particular standard of food. I just ensure there is enough protein in my diet, since I am a vegetarian I take more dairy products and dry fruits for protein. If you want to results faster then you have to say no to smoking, carbonated and sugary drinks, alcohol and procrastinating!

What would you like to say to young fitness enthusiasts? 

The start is what’s difficult, but once you start committing to working out/ sports, withing two weeks it will become a habit. And habits don’t break easily. So push yourself harder when you start off and give some time to see visible results.


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