Ruggedian Club is known for their choice of eclectic trail runs and striking locations. The Shivaji Raje Marathon, to be held on 13th August, will be one such run that will take you through the beautiful village of Panhala in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Nestled amidst the Sahyadris, this is a beautiful trail that runs through meadows, green paddy fields, embarking into an uphill climb to the Panhala fort. This fort is famous for the historic significance it bears with the tumultuous battle that was fought by the Maratha leader Shivaji Maharaj.

Are you ready to walk on the wild side? Get set for Ruggedian’s Shivaji Raje marathon with Mobiefit

Running on trails is based on skill and requires a level of balance, strength, and focus that is greater than running on an asphalt road. So, it is wise to train well before you go out on a wild trail run. As the Official Virtual Training Partner of the Shivaji Raje marathon, Mobiefit knows the importance of right training and diet when it comes to balancing your energy levels and your speed  when it comes to trail running. That’s why we have designed specific training programs that will include a workout schedule followed by a number of strengthening sessions along with your own personalized Diet Plan designed by Nutrition expert, Shwetha Bhatia. The programs target specific areas or skills that one will need to enhance and cater to runners of all levels and types.

The route for the Ruggedian Shivaji Raje marathon will take you through the beautiful village of Panhala in Kolhapur, Maharashtra

For those who are beginners there will be 5 km non-competitive trail run. Though a 5 km distance doesn’t sound like much but when you are treading on uneven paths, keeping up your pace even for such a short trail becomes difficult. Mobiefit provides a Starter 5K and Elite 5K Training Program and Diet which is guaranteed to help you sustain your speed and finish your run in under 30 minutes.

For those who are accustomed to running on treacherous terrain, there will be a 15 km trail run. Again, a run of 10 -15 km requires high endurance levels and a steady control over one’s pace. With the Mobiefit Starter 10K and Elite 10K Programs we aim to help you boost your performance, while maintaining a steady marathon speed.

With the Mobiefit Training and Diet Plans you are guaranteed to get off to a winning start

For more advanced runners there will be a Full Marathon of 42 km. This is a competitive distance based marathon and it is mandatory that you have previous trail running experience. To help you stay in the competition and score a new personal best, we have Mobiefit BODY Pro Programs that will provide you the strength training, necessary when you are running such a large distance. You can also train with the Mobiefit Starter 21K and Elite 21K for improving your marathon speed.

We strongly suggest you also carry a rain cover along with basic supplies like food, water, torch, etc as the trail is known to be unpredictable due to the rains. Ruggedian Club promises a once in a lifetime opportunity and invites participants from all walks of life regardless of previous marathon experience. As with every Ruggedian event, there will be an after party complete with Mardani Khel, Powade, and enactments from Marathi films. Registrations are closing soon, head over to the Mobiefit Events to register. Happy running!

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