FICCI FLO, an organization known for the milestones it has achieved in women’s empowerment and education has tied up with Mobiefit as their official virtual training partner for the FICCI FLO Pune Marathon. The main aim of the organization has always been to create employment opportunities for women through entrepreneurship and education.The third edition of the FICCI FLO Marathon will be held in Pune on 8th October 2017 to raise funds towards the cause of female empowerment focusing mainly on increasing employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for women. The event comprises of four race categories: 21K half marathon, 10K run, 5K run, and a 3K run/walk.

The FICCI FLO Marathon Pune aims at uniting runners from across the country to contribute towards women empowerment ( Image: FICCI FLO on Facebook)

The marathon is open to men and women of all ages, who want to contribute towards the social cause of women empowerment. For those who are beginners there will be a 3 km and a 5 km Run which are non-competitive in nature. Though the distance might be not much, it is still crucial to train and eat right if you want to make your run count. For beginner runners who want put their best foot forward, Mobiefit provides a Starter 5K and Elite 5K Training Program and Diet which will help you sustain your speed and finish your run in under 30 minutes.

For slightly advanced runners, there will be a 10 km run that also requires high endurance levels and a steady control over one’s pace. With the Mobiefit Starter 10K and Elite 10K Programs we aim to help you boost your performance, while maintaining a steady marathon speed.

Mobiefit Fitness Icon Taru Mateti (extreme left) is one of the key runners for the FICCI FLO Marathon Pune

For runners who are accustomed to running large distances, there will be a Half Marathon of 21 km. This is a competitive distance based marathon and it is advised that you train for a minimum period of 1 month before participating. Mobiefit provides the required training and diet to help your running performance with the Starter 21K and Elite 21K Programs which are guaranteed to help you stay in the competition and score a new personal best.

The event will take place in Magarpatta City, Pune and participants will be awarded tee-shirts and medals on completion of the race.  To register for the FICCI FLO Pune Marathon head over to our events page for more details.

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