People get their running inspiration from many places. Some prefer quiet and solitary trails, while others thrive on the bustling chaos of urban runs that are filled with the sights and sounds of the city. For all the kinds of runners there are, including the ones who are just starting out, here’s some heavy-duty running inspiration before your next run.

The Bob Graham
In 1932, an hotelier in Keswick named Bob Graham completed a round of 42 Lake District peaks in 24 hours. It was his 42nd birthday and he had inadvertently started one of the great fell endurance challenges in Britain. The Bob Graham Round, as it is called now, is at least 66 miles and involves 27,000 feet of ascent, presuming that no route-finding errors are made. Statistically, only about 1950 runners have been able to complete the feat since; less than half of those who begin the challenge are able to finish it in the allotted 24 hours.

The Bob Graham is the latest episode from Season 5 of Salomon Running TV and follows the story of fell runner and Salomon team member Ricky Lightfoot as he attempts the round. The video gives us a chance to explore and learn more about the rich history that surrounds this celebrated trail.

Discovering a new place on foot is possibly the oldest, simplest, and most engaging form of exploration. Runners Max King and Ellie Greenwood find themselves immersed in the streets of Barcelona in this stunning video from Salomon.

From dark gothic alleyways to vibrant beaches, they discover a city of contrasts as they run and explore amidst the sights and sounds.

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