December is here and so are our three brand new challenges on Mobiefit RUN! We know that sticking to resolutions (old or new) is difficult, especially during this festive season. To help you look your fittest best, we present to you the Xmas Xtreme distance challenge, the New Year- New Me calorie burn challenge, and the Running Jedi 5K challenge. Not only will you be burning tons of calories with these challenges, if you make it to our Top 5 then you stand a chance to win cash vouchers from Paytm worth Rs 5000. Here’s a look at what’s in store for you this December on Mobiefit RUN

Xmas Xtreme

Regular running will not only help you lose weight, but it can be very beneficial for your overall health. The Xmas Xtreme is a distance based challenge which will require the participants to clock the maximum distance for the month of December. This means, that if you clock at least 1 km distance on a regular basis, then you stand a chance to be in our Top 3. All participants will get a special discount of 25% on hotel bookings from Treebo. The Top 3 winners will win 1N/2D free stay at any hotel of their choice.

New Year New Me

2018 is around the corner, but many of us are still on square one when it comes to losing weight. With the New Year New Me calorie burn challenge, we are looking for participants who can shed the most number of calories in December. Run regularly using the Mobiefit RUN app and the Top 5 contenders to burn maximum calories will win vouchers worth Rs 5000 from Paytm.

Running Jedi

To all the Star Wars fans out there, the Last Jedi is due for release in 2 weeks. Prove your loyalties by participating in the Running Jedi fastest 5K challenge to test your mind and body to ace this challenge. The fastest runner to complete a distance of 5 km in the least amount of time, will win vouchers worth Rs 5000. The Top 5 winners stand a chance to be featured in the Mobiefit Hall of Fame and win vouchers.

The challenges are on until December 31st and require no registration fees. All you have to is download the Mobiefit RUN app on your phone, participate in the challenge, clock your distance and stand a chance to be featured in the Mobiefit Hall of Fame and win cash-back vouchers worth Rs 5000 from Paytm and free stay for 3 nights from Treebo!

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