Mobiefit RUN provides a platform for runners across the globe to compete in the monthly challenges and win at it. We aim to get you out of your couch and onto the tarmac or treadmill with our challenges for October. What’s more? Well, apart from shedding tons of calories Mobiefit has tied up with Azani Sport to give our winners the best in compression apparel. Azani is one of India’s leading sports brands and provides you with the best in running technology.

Azani products are designed keeping in mind an athletes physique, developed to make you train harder and withstand fatigue.

Their SubZero Tech and Biomimetically Engineered performance gear is designed to keep muscles in place and reduce damage or fatigue in runners. They are lightweight, anti-bacterial and sweat absorbent to keep you cool, dry and free from chaffed skin. Participate in the Mobiefit RUN challenges and you could get your hands on Azani’s amazing compression gear and shoes. The challenges are bigger and so are the prizes! Here’s a look at what’s in store for you this month

Flash 5K Challenge

Flash Fastest 5K Challenge on Mobiefit RUN

The Flash is one of the fastest super heroes in the DC universe. Not only can he run at lightning fast speeds, he can dodge any obstacle in his path. With the Flash 5K Challenge, we are on the lookout for contenders who can complete a 5 km run in record-breaking time. If you win then you can get your hands on compression gear from Azani worth Rs 5000.

Veterun Distance Challenge

Veterun Challenge on Mobiefit RUN

The Veterun Marathon is scheduled for 29th October 2017. Known to be one of India’s marathon biggies, it is not going to be easy to clock 42 km to match your personal best. The Veterun Distance Challenge will give you a chance to compete with other runners and help you train for the marathon. Besides getting one step closer to setting a new PR, you will also stand a chance to win vouchers worth Rs 5000 from Azani sport.

Along with the above challenges, we have also launched an exclusive challenge for the ladies with the Pretty Secrets, India’s leading brand for women’s fitness wear and lingerie. The #GetActivChallenge is a distance based challenge and female runners who clock the maximum distance will win vouchers worth Rs 6000 from Pretty Secrets. So lace up your running shoes and run to win the Mobiefit RUN October challenges.

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