The 2016 Indian marathon season is well and truly here as we come to the last month of the year, the mobiefit RUN Challenges continue. More and more marquee marathons and running events are about to come in January, and the best way to get preparing for those is to run consistently and try to conquer those 5km and 10km personal best timings.

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Last month, we had two special mobiefit RUN Challenges – the Dilli Daud 21K to celebrate the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and the Juhu 10K Run to mark the beginning of the season for Delhi and Mumbai runners. This month, we are bringing three new challenges – the December Distance Challenge, December Champ 5km, December Champ 10km.

The December Distance Champ will be the runner who covers the most number of km this month. The other two challenges are all about your pace. What is the fastest 5km time or 10km time you can set this month. Battle it out against the community of runners and aim to win the top prize!

All three challenges include prizes – a Digital Certificate, Facebook and Twitter badges for mobiefit December Champ and a 20% discount on fitness apparel on the mobiefit Store.

Support for Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit, Google Fit and Strava in mobiefit RUN for Android
Support for Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit, Google Fit and Strava in mobiefit RUN for Android

With the latest version of mobiefit RUN app on Android, you can connect fitness trackers such as Fitbit, Misfit, Jawbone, and services such as Google Fit or Strava to track your runs. The wearables will collect data when you prefer to leave your phone at home, and each of the runs tracked will count towards your mobiefit RUN challenges!

Normalising tracker data

Now, different wearables measure data differently, which is why sometimes there’s a discrepancy in what your Fitbit or your Android Wear-powered Moto 360 might show, and what you see in the app. To create a level playing field, we have created a normalisation algorithm which automatically adjusts data from various devices, so that no particular device is at a advantage or disadvantage. With this comprehensive support, you can easily take part in challenges, which will remain as fair as ever, giving you just as much chance to win as any other runner.

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Catching cheaters in the act

Often we see people using a cycle to pretend as if they are running. No longer will such ‘runs’ be counted in the leaderboard for Challenges in mobiefit RUN, thanks to a proprietary fraud detection technique that easily catches those who attempt to cheat the app, or win Challenges unfairly.

New Challenges UI

Speaking of which, we have also cleared up the Challenges section and created a new UI for easier entry and participation. Rewards are now displayed as soon as you open the challenge, while the leaderboard has also seen a fresh coat of paint.

In addition, the Road to 2017 running challenge will be ending this month! Can you meet the 201.7 km mark by the end of the month? Get the all-new mobiefit RUN app to test your running and fitness!

Main image: Still from Limitless, a documentary on Women & Running

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