One of the things mobiefit runners love most about mobiefit RUN are the Challenges, which give everyone a fair chance of winning rewards for their running.

Starting today, you will start seeing an amazing new UI for the Challenges and the rest of the mobiefit RUN app. Two years in the making, the revamped mobiefit RUN for Android carries forward the beginner-first approach while making some nifty additions based on feedback from our runners. 

All-New UI and User Experience

Everything from user onboarding to profile-building and program or run tracking selection has been streamlined, and offers a consistent experience, whether you’ve used the app before or are trying it for the first time.

The UI transformation has produced one of the the best-looking fitness apps in the world, and certainly well ahead of the competition in India. The iconography, typography, the animations and transitions, as well as the design and communication language went through months of iterations before this final form, in keeping with modern Android app UI trends. For example, the all-new bottom tabs for navigation make it much easier to move between sections of our app. Getting to Challenges is even more convenient now for those with larger phone displays.

Global and Exclusive Challenges
Also seeing an overhaul is the Challenges section itself, which now provides a clear and concise view of existing and past challenges. This lets you connect your personal or work or corporate email ID which unlocks any exclusive challenges your company may be running. If not, you can send an email [email protected] to set up an exclusive challenge for your company.

On offer as incentives are cash rewards, shopping vouchers, health food and snack hampers.

As usual in April our running challenges reach out to every kind of runner and provides you the platform to run for more than just health and fitness. With wearable connect, all your activity as measured by compatible fitness tracker will be shown in the app. And when the data syncs, your Challenge rank, timing and distance will automatically be updated. 

So what’s in store for you this month? Well other than the amazing new user interface, we also have some exciting new challenges that every runner or running enthusiast can participate in. This month mobiefit RUN gives you the opportunity to participate in 6 exclusive Challenges.

This month mobiefit RUN presents 6 exclusive run challenges for all the runners out there!

The April Distance Challenge will test how far you can run to win the challenge prize. This run is not for the weak-hearted and requires a dedication like no other to beat every runner in the country and the world to run the maximum distance in just 30 days.

The April  5K Champ is one of our favorites and attracts many participants who would never even dream of running if not for mobiefit RUN. The challenge requires you to complete a run, spanning a distance of 5 Km in one single session. If you win, then you go home with cash prizes, gift vouchers, snack hampers and much much more.

Like the 5K challenge, this month we also have the April 10K Champ which requires the participants to run a daring distance of 10 km in one session. The competition is tough guys and the 10K is one of the most demanding challenges that mobiefit RUN offers.

The April 21K Champ is a proper half-marathon and is the ideal starting platform for anyone who wants to take their running game to the next level.  A half-marathon unlike the other challenges requires meticulous preparation on a physical and mental front on behalf of the participants. Since this is one of the more challenging runs, the prize for this run too is bigger and better! If you do compete and win the April 21K challenge then you can go home with rewards worth Rs 6000.

If you do make it in the Top 3 then you get a chance to be featured in our leader board and win rewards

Mobiefit understands the difficulties that women runners especially face and to commemorate this mobiefit RUN presents an exclusive women’s only challenge. The April Super Woman Challenge urges women runners to come and partake in this ever growing community by giving them a platform like Pinkathon which was starred by Ironman Milind Soman.

At mobiefit we firmly believe in fitness.We are committed to making your health our top priority and we want you to do the same! So what better way than to participate in The April Super 21 Challenge which requires the participants to run for a minimum of 21 days in the month. Why 21 days you ask? That’s because 21 days is all it takes for routine to become habit! So if you want to stay committed to running for your fitness, then this challenge is tailor-made for you.

The app is available on Google Play for free, with in-app purchases available to unlock premium training programs.

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