If you have the will and the right guidance, nothing can stop you from achieving your fitness goal. We are bringing you a fully revamped mobiefit RUN and a brand-new approach to running training programs.

With 6 new training programs – each with an included diet plan and nutrition kit – whatever your running goals, we will help you get there with the help of our celebrity Fitness Icons and mobiefit technology to track your runs and progress. All we need from you is dedication and some good old-fashioned hard-work!

The cornerstone of the brand new programs is the diet and nutrition plan that makes it super simple and easy to keep up with your daily nutritional needs. The driving force behind this diet plan, Shwetha has created a customized plan for you. This is the most effective way to lose weight, and also helps in keeping your mobiefit RUN training on track! Not only is each diet plan customized to suit the running program’s goal, it’s also full of important details that you must practice in any case.

The Training Programs

In mobiefit RUN, you can select from among six running programs, in three distances. The 5 kilometre, 10 kilometre, and 21 kilometer training programs offer Starter and Elite training, along with their own customized nutrition plans. We have six programs because every runner varies in their final goal, intensity and schedule.

The Starter 5K program for 5km training is the ideal choice for absolute beginners. Starting with just one minute intervals, the goal is to help the user complete 30 minutes of running – considered semi-equivalent to a 5K – without taking a break. This a 9-Week program with 3 Sessions in a week.

The Elite 5K program has a higher intensity – with speed training or Fartleks, Tempo Runs, Interval Runs, Continuous Runs and more. This is best suited for people who can move well and those who are generally active, but haven’t given running a thought for fitness. If followed as prescribed and coupled with strength and conditioning training, the Elite 5K program guarantees that users will finish a 5K in under 30 minutes. This a 9-Week program with 3 Sessions in a week.

The Starter 10K program for 10km training takes it a step further. This one begins with just 2 minutes of running at a stretch and the final target is to complete a 60-minute non-stop run. This a 12-Week program with 4 Sessions in a week.

Similarly, the Elite 10K program comes with a guarantee that users will be able to finish a 10 km run in under an hour, provided they meticulously follow the schedule set for them, and don’t skimp on the strength training. This a 12-Week program with 3 Sessions in a week.

The Starter 21K is the perfect way to reach your half-marathon goals. With this intense 14-week training, we guarantee you that you will be able to finish your 21K in record breaking time. Thi program starts at Rs 399 and will equip you with a customized diet plan for running your first 21K and everything you need to know to train your body and mind at excelling at your running game.

If you are already a half-marathoner , then our Elite 21K program will definetly train you to set your new best personal records. With the best trainers on board and nutrition expert Shwetha Bhatia, this program is ideal for for all half-marathon aspirants. Priced at just Rs 399 this training program will keep you on track to improve your pace and performance.

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