Among those who are passionate about fitness, you will find that many of their origin stories are peppered with things like being bullied or being ridiculed about their bodies. Abhinav Mahajan faced just that, but the Patiala-born model and fitness pro turned things around with his focus on getting fit, strong and confident. Abhinav is one of several fitness influencers in India who have come on board the mobiefit Youth Icon program to do just that…

Where did the fascination with fitness start?
I was a Valedictorian and was an all-rounder in school – great in sports and studies – but dealt with a lot of low self-esteem issues and insecurities. I was desperate to make new friends but ended up being friends with bullies.

A leaf from the Book of One and Only @krisgethin Sir . Thank you for such amazing and effective variations. Can’t wait for the 4 Week Transformation Series . Both the Exercises were Supersetted – One after Another without Rest – For 3 sets of 12-15 reps for each and the Arms were Pumped Up like hell . Workout with @paramkhepar and @raveesh7433 . For full Workouts follow our Facebook Fan Pages Abhinav Mahajan and Param Khepar . Check us out at . 1. . 2. . Website- Snapchat- mahajan_abhinav #strengthupgrade #thegrindisthelife #abhinavmahajan . #riseandgrind #krisgethin #variation #competition #nobullshit #alpha #keepup #patiala #like4like #likeforlike #brothersinarms #brothers #riseandshine #arms #calisthenics #patiala #synchronized #kagedmuscle #meatfree #vegan #vegetarian

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My early inspiration was Arnold Schwarzenegger who inspired me to build my physique and become larger than life. My low self-esteem issues and people bullying me due to my skinny body and my inability to protect myself.

What were the challenges you faced and overcame to be where you are today?
Oh Man! Don’t even get me started over that. I can’t even count them. The biggest one has been the doubt by my family and friends whom I always looked out for support.

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The next would be being in touch with my ethics and being morally aware of what’s right and wrong when everyone around you just wants to make money, and I want to help people reach their goals faster and better.

My health issues in 2014 were a big challenge. I had 3 Critical Typhoid relapses but with the help of Nutrition and Meditation I overcame that.

Loneliness too is one of the biggest challenge. When you know that you are starting something which is completely different from the rest of the crowd, the whole responsibility is on you and you cannot blame anyone. That’s a lot of pressure, man!

What are some of your specialities when it comes to the fitness lifestyle?
Personal Training, Nutrition, Calisthenics, Public Speaking, Teen Life Coaching

What about coaches or mentors?
I’ve had few mentors. The earliest one were my parents who have always instilled the right ethics in me. The came in my very dear friend Chaitanya Sharma who has a big role in boosting my confidence and life skills. And presently I am learning from Jag Chima Sir, one of the most authentic and genuine people I’ve ever met. Apart from these I’ve had few ‘Virtual Mentors’ from YouTube and books.

🗣Planning the UN-PLANNABLE🗣 . There is a huge Difference between just standing in a Whiteboard and writing down all the Important Points” for the day than actually going out there, implementing and facing the consequences of each and every single one of them . You might have the Best Plan in the world but majority of times the Result wont be what you had “Planned” . There are millions of thing you dont control . – Natural Disaster . – Disloyal people and Cheaters . – Depression . – Acts of God . What actually makes and breaks is not that Planning White Board . What actually does make you is the way you react to those Uncertainities making you fall Face Flat on the Floor . The way you get back up and deal with the Present Problem in the best way possible rather than lamenting about how you “had not” planned for it . There are no Guarantees in Life but one thing is for Sure . If you can hang in there long enough, keep doing the thing you love to do, stay patient with the “Unplanned” events of your Life, and keep hustling for your thing… You will achieve your goals -Abhinav Mahajan . Check us out at . . Website- Snapchat- mahajan_abhinav #strengthupgrade #thegrindisthelife #abhinavmahajan #physiqueglobal

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What about guiding people who faced similar issues like you?
As a Strategic Fitness Interventionist I have worked with MNC to train over 200 individuals for 3 months and guide them on transforming themselves both physically and mentally. And through my two YouTube Channels, over 5000 Subscribers get some of the best fitness content in the whole country. I love video-editing so it comes naturally to me.

How do you make time for workouts or runs in your daily life?
I am a full-time Fitness Model, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Blogger. To be honest presently I am not able to chalk out time for my workouts and my diet has also been slacking a bit but definitely due to the right knowledge and years of pain and dedication, I stay in shape by sticking to basics and making up for all the slacking in a single workout.

🗣A Wake Up Call🗣 . So I’ve felt really distracted from last few months. Complacency had taken a huge toll on my Personal Growth. I forgot how important it was to focus on the priorities and not get swayed away with the motions . I forgot how I came into picture. Through the hard work, the unique perspectives and through expressing myself both through my body and mind . But now there’s a definite goal and definitely I am not going back in that zone . Ive got a huge wake up call . A call which says, no matter where you are, if you are skilled and hard working enough and if you know how to present yourself, you will get the opportunities regardless of your experience. . I love training, I love shooting videos, I love helping youngsters like me by my thoughts and perspectives even if it means I have to be content with less materialistic stuff. I know my potential and that is what I would advice everyone of you to realise . If you have that fire, that talent, that willingness to go through anything in life, just focus on your present tasks and keep doing and sharing what you love and enjoy . On this occasion of Diwali I decide to destroy and burn away all the negativity inside me and put a priority to certain things I was ignoring from last few months . Strength Upgrade was something I started with a vision to help others and to connect with people and youngsters who get lost in the distracted world. Unfortunately I became a victim of that but not any more. We fail and learn but then we get back up, dust ourselves and give it another try but with preparation and strong mindset. It’s time to unleash the beast. Strength Upgrade is coming back. Me and my brother @paramkhepar will make sure that we stay committed to the task and stay active as we used to be before. Get ready @ashish.mahajansherry and @aseemgupta07 . Rest phase is over. Buckle up and get ready for some kickass stuff and videos very soon . Wish you a Very Happy Diwali. Love each and every one of you to the core of my Heart . Website- Snapchat- mahajan_abhinav #strengthupgrade #thegrindisthelife #abhinavmahajan #workoutmotivation

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So how many hours do you manage in a week?
I end up working out for around 6-8 hours a week.

Who are some of the people in the Indian fitness community who inspire you?
Since my teenage years, I have been following a lot of American Fitness communities. I definitely get inspired from Indians such as Milind Soman, John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan.

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Looking back at how you started, what do you think about your transformation?
Oh Man! Fitness completely changed who I am today. I have better health, feel much better about my looks, have a lot of confidence and my fitness is a venture that I use to inspire youngsters like me who are facing the same challenges that I had to.

"I have better health, feel much better about my looks, have a lot of confidence" - Abhinav Mahajan, mobiefit Youth Icon
“I have better health, feel much better about my looks, have a lot of confidence” – Abhinav Mahajan, mobiefit Youth Icon

The best advice is to stay consistent and be patient. Don’t go for shortcuts; It will ruin your health. Get educated or find someone who can teach you how to do that. Always plan long term. And finally, avoid wasting time. Time is money, my friend!

So how do you find out about new diets or workouts?
I am a self-educated fitness freak so I put a lot of effort in learning about new researches and by experimenting with various trends or training. My sources would be, YouTube & fitness books.

Three hacks you have discovered which help you in your workout sessions
1. Patience; 2. Knowledge; 3. Consistency

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