You may have spotted her in the Nike Da Da Ding commercial, but we have a feeling Jaie Bhadane (centre in the featured image) will be going many places. That’s why she’s been chosen as a mobiefit Youth Icon! The 23-year-old from Pune comes from an army family and as such always put fitness first thanks to a host of physical activities in school.

And through this initiation she realised the importance of weight training and nutrition, which set her off on the path to ultimate fitness. She may be a full-time graphic designer, but for her fitness is just as full-time as her job! Here’s her fitness story:

Tell us about how fitness became a part of your life
Throughout childhood I led a very active lifestyle where I did something every day that required me to move. I always enrolled myself in races and other athletic events. Fortunately I was able to perform well and I won a few laurels for swimming, sprinting, basketball etc.

Then one of my best friends in school who was extremely skinny and short transformed his body to become extremely big and buff. He told me that he had been weight training for quite some time which made him fitter. His passion for weight training, his winning personality and the fact that he approached every situation with the expectation that he would get what he wanted, is what motivated me. He taught me the basics of weight training and nutrition.

What about your family?
I was raised in an Army family thus a lot of importance was paid on being physically fit. They are very cosmopolitan and supportive, but also keep me grounded.

Tell us about some of your achievements
Recently I was part of the Nike Da Da Ding ad campaign alongside Deepika Padukone, which garnered a lot of attention for breaking stereotypes and celebrating the power of sports in women’s lives.

What made you take fitness seriously?
Each time I strive to lift heavier, I not only get stronger physically, but I build mental muscle as well. I continue to surpass any limits I had been placing on myself, and have been hitting new personal records each week. These positive physical and mental results I saw in me after I started lifting made me super confident and made me take the activity seriously

What were the challenges you faced and overcame to be where you are today?
Most women face sexism. I faced a bit of criticism, and from women too, which was very surprising. Their comments were mostly about the idea that weight training makes you muscular or manly.


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Who has been your coach or mentor?
Upon leaving school I witnessed my best friend Sirhud Kalra transform his body with the help of weight training. I was impressed by his transformation and thus got introduced to weight training through him. He has been my coach ever since.

You aren’t a full-time fitness professional so how do you make time for workouts or runs in your daily life?
I love weight training, so there’s never a question of taking time out for it. I’m a full-time freelance Graphic Designer so that allows me to adjust my routine whenever required. I get time to work out about 7-8 hours a week, which is perfect for me.

Inclined reverse hyperextensions for them booty gainzz..

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Who are some of the people in the Indian fitness community who inspire you?
Bani J (mobiefit BODY fitness companion) is one of them. And I also admire and look up to Natasha Noel (Mumbai-based yoga sensation) and Shweta Rathore (International Physique Athlete Champion).

How has staying fit changed your life?
Every day when you’re at the gym lifting weights heavier that you had the day before, it changes your perspective on life. Makes you wonder what other limits you had been placing on yourself up until this moment. What else had I stopped myself from doing simply because I didn’t think it was in the realm of possibility? Strength training has become a metaphor for my life. I constantly push my physical limits while training and now apply that outside the gym as well. I’ve always been ambitious, but now I am more confident, more daring, and more audacious in EVERYTHING I do.

What do you eat before, during and after your workouts?
I’ve never followed any special diet in my life. So a cup of coffee or a banana before training, water during training and a good overall wholesome and healthy meal to get my macros in post my workouts.

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Do your friends or family complain about your fitness-first lifestyle?
I don’t have a fitness-first lifestyle. I try to give fitness as much importance as my friends and family and profession. Hitting both ends of the scale, balancing everything is what allows me to enjoy everything while still pushing my limits.

Any hacks you have discovered?
Maintaining a workout log to track your progress and mind-muscle connection.

Any challenges you faced on your first run or workout which no one warned you about?
Shin splints, tight hip flexors and injuries in general.

Practising Pigeon pose to get those super glued hip flexors gliding smoothly again.

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Which are your three favourite songs when pumping iron?
Drake – 5 am In Toronto; Kendrick Lamar – Lookout For Detox; A$ap Rocky – Ghetto Symphony

How should one keep their mind busy while working out?
Build the mind muscle connection i.e focus on the movement and the muscular contraction.

Name your favourite fitness movie…
The classic, old school bodybuilding movie, Pumping Iron

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