When you think strength training, you cannot picture someone who is vegan, yet that’s exactly what Bangalore’s Roshni Sanghvi is. A clinical psychology student, Roshni is the only vegan strength and conditioning female coach in the city and an internationally-certified fitness expert. And now she’s also in the first batch of inductees in the mobiefit Youth Icon program. Follow Roshni on Instagram (@roshnisanghvi)

We spoke to Roshni to get to know her better and introduce her fitness philosophy to everyone who has been following mobiefit through the running, walking and home workouts apps. Roshni also offers diet and fitness coaching, whose details can be found on her website.

What would you say is your speciality?
Strength and Conditioning. But I also put a lot of emphasis on nutrition as that’s something very close to my heart.

Superset unilateral curls and extension for bicep/ tricep finisher! LOVE the burn! I love taking lighter weights (since it is the finisher!) and going super slow to really contract the muscle fibres! I look at myself in the mirror sometimes and am surprised at what I have built on a vegan 🍀☘️🍀☘️whole food diet 😳😳😳 and without supplements!!! It’s literally only hard work and consistency! Stick with it even on days you really don’t feel like working out… today was one of those days… I did not sweat one drop since my gym was super cold and feel like I have not pushed myself enough on such days… workout was very blah but I got everything planned in… lifted about the same as last few weeks and not super proud of myself but I did not let myself down either… for now- time to napppppp #ButFirstCarbsPlease ••• #Carbs #vegan #gains #veganbodybuilding #vegansofig #plantpowered #healthy #fitness #fitter #fitspiration #inspiration #workout #video #wod #gains #fitgirl #girlswithmuscle #pump #arms #day #bangalore #hustler #hustle #harder #justdoit #finisher #tone #fatloss #transformation

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What made you take fitness seriously?
My family is the most supportive bunch ever. And seeing my father battle through obesity made me realize what I need to do to remain fit.

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A lot of our followers are beginners. Tell them about some of the challenges you faced early on.
Mine isn’t a typical journey for someone who is a full-time fitness professional. I decided to switch from a well-settled career track to become a fitness pro at the age of 23. No doubt it was a major decision. At the time I knew that the fitness industry in India did not have too many pro female coaches, so I knew it was going to be a struggle. But here I am.

Do you have any coaches or mentors?
Crissi Carvalho (Vegan Fitness Expert) and in the Indian fitness community, Anoop Singh is someone I admire.

How many hours do you workout in a day or a week?
Typically, it’s 15-20 hours in a week, with about 2-3 hours per day. It depends on my schedule. Sometimes it’s more too.

Five things you avoid 
Being lazy, shallow goals, negative company, mediocre thoughts, MEAT & DAIRY!

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How do you learn about what’s new or what’s trending in the fitness world?
I am an avid reader and spend time to keep myself up to date with current affairs and trends in the fitness industry. I also try to attend at least one international fitness seminar every year to upgrade my skills and widen my horizon.

What do you eat before, during and after your workouts?
Low glycemic index (GI) carbs such as sweet potatoes before the workout, Branched Chain Amino Acid supplements or drinks during the workout, and after the exercise I have high GI carbs such as a banana.

My very first time experimenting with #rawvegan #cooking ! I LOVED IT! Breakfast today was a spinach/ lime green monster smoothie served on papaya bed! I blend in apples/ frozen nanans/ blueberries/ maca powder into the smoothie and topped it with chia seeds/ more fruits/ a spoon of organic natural almond butter and cinnamon! Wow it’s more filling than I thought! And SOOOOO YUMMMMMM! I might raw vegan breakfast forever if food is this good ❤️ needless to say my tummy and tastebuds are so happy 😜😜😜 I also started my day with an empty stomach swim! Follow my snapchat for more recipe ideas and inspiration @roshnisanghvi Visit my webpage roshnisanghvi.com to sign up with me for a customised diet and workout chart designed for yourself! ••• #veganism #vegan #veganfood #veganfoodporn #veganfoodshare #rawveganbreakfast #breakfast #healthy #tasty #raw #beautiful #recipe #share #instafitness #instafood #food #foodporn #foodphotography #healthy #bangalore

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One inconvenience/challenge you faced in your first run or workout which no one warned you about?
A good pair of shoes is the best investment! You can injure yourself with the wrong shoes on (even if they are expensive).

Which are your three current favourite tracks for workouts?
1) Me, myself and I by Bebe Rexha
2) Forbes by Borgore
3) Proper Patola by Badshah

How do you keep your mind busy while working out?
By lifting heavy! I also tell others to leave their troubles out of the gym when they enter. If you have been working out long enough, you know how to tune yourself and others out and get into the state of trance.

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