Are you one of the few who keeps resetting their morning alarm to go off every few minutes? Are you always in a rush to reach your office and never seem to make it on time? Though the morning rush hour is unavoidable, what you can avoid is the rush of things in your head. Mornings should be light paced, giving you enough time to plan your day while having your breakfast or sipping your cup of green tea. For many of us, this seems like a bleak possibility, but with the right plan, there is a way you can make it to that Monday morning meeting on time!

Pune’s Jaie Bhadane has been on the fitness wagon for quite some time now. You may have spotted her alongside Deepika Padukone in Nike’s Da-Da Ding commercial and she’s also a popular face in the Mumbai running circuit. As a graphic designer and a regular gym bum, it’s essential to Jaie to start her day with a plan in mind. Watch the video as Jaie takes you through her morning routine. She explains the importance of setting some time aside for yourself, the first thing in the morning and how mornings are more of unwinding and making a plan for the upcoming day. Here’s are her 3 steps to the perfect morning detox:

Step 1: Making your bed!

An instant way to declutter your room and your mind, the simple tasking of making your bed will leave you feeling like you’ve accomplished at least one thing throughout the day.

Step 2: Make a task list.

Many of us have the habit of taking mental notes and immediately forgetting what the task at hand was. Put an end to this by jotting down the list of tasks that you want to achieve for the day. It could be as simple as meeting your daily calorie requirements, just writing it down makes it more real and more attainable.

Step 3: Sip on some green tea

A cup of green tea has a whopping five times the antioxidants of an apple – and considering antioxidants are damage-fighting elements that clean your system from the inside, we can’t think of a single good reason not to add green tea to your diet (especially in the morning), whether it’s balanced or not.

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